Please help-Colic or grumpy baby?

Hi Ladies,
I am sat here in tears, Harry has been crying almost all day for the last week now and nothing i do seems to work. We have tried infacol and gripe water, neither have made any difference. We give him two bottles of water a day (2 or 3 oz) as he gets really hot.

He takes a bottle every 3 hours during the day and 4 at night, he is on cow and gate after we changed from aptimil as we thought it might be his milk, but its no different. He is only ever sick a really small amount, but seems to pull his legs up lots and be in pain straining. He poos every other day and farts alot but does struggle to do these.

I'm at my wits end, i dont know if its colic or he's just tired/grumpy? He has no sleep routine, sometimes he's awake lots other times he sleeps all day. He does seem a little better at night and cries less but not a lot.

This only seems to have changed over the last week or so, at first he fed every 4 hours and slept in between with no problem, but as the weeks have gone by he seems to be getting worse and worse.:cry:


  • hi there, how old is he now honey?

    It is perfectly normal to get a baby home from hospital and you think "i've got the model baby" then after a few weeks they turn into the devil child!! its just baby settling in really and getting used to the world.

    I am presuming that baby is only weeks old? not months? and it does take a while to get into a routine. but there is not harm in getting into a good bedtime routine from the start, this can help them then get a routine in the day. Also a lot of babies can also get confused between day and night when they are first born

    from his bowel movements and leg drawing it does sound like reflux / colic and I never found gripe water or infacol any good, the only thing that worked for us was colief, its expensive, about ??10 bottle and does only last for a few days but its worth it for them.

    I would also recommend speaking to your hv for support and getting family members on board to help, you can't cope with everything on your own and a crying baby does really get to your emotions

    don't dispair honey, things will get better within time
  • Thank you so much for replying. I went to the chemist who also recommended colief. So now going to give that a go. Its a bit fiddly as i normally make feeds up in advance for the next day, but will only be able to make 3 to 4 up at a time as the instructions state it must be thrown away after 12 hours if stored in the fridge.
    Sorry forgot to say Harry is 4 weeks and 5 days old.
  • yeah it can be awkward but its worth it if it makes them more settled!! and just remember that colic doesn't normally last much after 3months so your a 1/3 of the way there!!! baby won't be like this forever

    but remember to talk to people, and don't sit there and cry by yourself as baby will pick up on your emotions. we're all on here for support and advice so even if you come on here for a rant

    your not by yourself

    take care x
  • Hi there, I had colief prescribed for Hugo so go to your GP and tell them he has colic and the HV agree (!) and you may be able to get is prescribed - I say 'may' as I know others on here have tried to get it on prescription but for some reason they were refused. Will save you ??10 every few days though!

    Hugo had a lot of what you prescribed and colief did seem to help a bit but he still wasn't magically transformed. He had major wind issues too and then at 18 weeks he was 'diagnosed' with silent reflux and he started on infant gaviscon. That has helped an awful lot but he's still a bit of a grumpy bum from time to time so for us it was a colic/reflux/mood combo!!

    Hugo has largely grown out of it now though (nearly 8 months) and is loads of fun so hang in there.
  • Firstly just want to give my warmest wishes and empathy, it is SO hard.

    Both my babies have experienced wind issues and it does sound like your baby with pulling up of the legs is experiencing the same problems as mine is, problems pasing wind and poo and mine is breast fed. Generally he is a very calm and happy baby but when this kicks in there is no settling him, gripe water and infacol didn't touch him. I have been taking him for cranial osteopathy which has definitely helped but not fixed it it. Personally I just think its something their little tummies have to get used to, part of their development so to speak but that doesn't help in the middle of the night when they are screaming and you can't get any wind out of them, or they fight having a nap for hours on end. Enough to send any mummy insane.

    I hope the colief helps.

    Nj x
  • hi hun my little 1 had bad colic wen she was younger . i was advised to change her bottles to MAMs anti colic and cow and gates comfort milk we saw a difrence with in the first 24 hrs , hope this helps hun .
    o and we also made bottles in advance xx
  • Thanks animal84, started to use colief last night, he is slightly more settled but still screaming in pain for seemingly no reason image will give it another day or so and if no difference i shall try what you've suggested. I'm trying one thing at a time coz everything is so expensive and although when/if we find something that works it will be worth it i need to be able to figure out which one if any works. Will update tomorrow x
  • no probs hunni , hows ur lil man doing? hope u both well xx
  • Well went to Dr's today and she thinks he has reflux and has prescribed infant gavison. She also said to give him brown sugar water as he's not poo'd for 2 1/2 days.
    She said she'd never heard of colief and to stop giving it to him.
    She also advised to take him to a chiropractor if the gaviscon doesnt work.
    So far he has had two feeds and he's a little more settled so maybe it works, but he still hasnt poo'd despite 2 bottles of sugar water so if he doesnt go by the morning i'll be trying cooled boiled diluted prune juice!
    By the time i find something that works he'll be 12 weeks and grow out of it anyway lol!
  • lol hope you find something soon hun x
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