Jaimi-Lee gets hiccups after everytime she eats!! Is that normal?? She has them for about 20mins each time :\?
When i was pregnant, she had hiccups alot too, especially after i had eaten!!
Is there anything i can do to help her get rid of them? I never want to put her down when she has them as im scared she will choke :\(

Sharon xx


  • It's natural Sharon. Don't panic!
    Ruby went through this phase as well! In fact she has just started getting them quite a bit again for some reason at 6 and a half months!!
    They seem to stop when she falls asleep and don't bother her!
    You can feed them away. I always used to just give her anoher quick breastfeed to stop them although now she is barely feeding during the day I have to just let her get on with them!
    I'm sure she will be absolutely fine if you put her down hun but if you don't feel confident, just wait until they pass. xx
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  • Zacky loves to have the hiccups and always has had. Dont worry about them, they dont do any harm, and Zackys have lessened slightly as he has got older. I used to do the odd hiccup or 2 when i was pregnant with him as well and I never get the hiccups. We laugh about it now and call hiccups 'daddys disease' as OH gets hiccups when he drinks too much when he goes out. Hiccup time has free reign in our house im afraid so I dont have any tips or cures.

    As my mom and nan say

    'Hiccups mean that LO is thriving'.
  • Hiya hun, Riley had these all the time too whilst I was pregnant, and for the first 3 months. I used to keep him upright after feeding for 10-20 mins, as I found he got wind if I laid him down. It did pass, think it's just their digestive system needing to mature. xxx
  • Hi, my lo Erin used have hiccups all the time whilst i was pregnant and then when she was born until about 2mnths old. We used to offer her some more milk to try and stop them (worked most of the time) also we used to give her a dummy to suck as she got irritable with them if they didnt go quickly. I think it's pretty common, try not to worry.
    My dad once had hiccups for 2 days solid! Ha!Ha! x
  • hi sharon ...sophia is exactly the same she is always hiccuping ....lol.....im glad u posted this cos i was going to ask the exact same thing today ....jack didnt have them half as much im sure ...hope ure well xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • hey sharon, davids always hiccuping still at 4 months, he used to get quite upset by them now he gigglings through them lol its quite quite to hear hehehehe hic lol
    hope that gorgeous little girl is ok otherwise xxx
  • evie hiccups and burps like a trooper! all normal so i'm told, altho like you i panic about putting her down when she has them, but she's not bothered! very cute tho when she does them image xxx
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