More babies?

I feel really sad. I have been sorting out all my babys clothes he has grown out of.
Although I had decided I didnt want anymore babys it really upset me that my baby
boy is growing up so quick and the thought that I will never have this small baby stage
again made me cry.

I have a huge age gap between my boys of 10 years and part of me thinks I want to
have another baby so my son will have someone to grow up with as the age gap is so huge my eldest son
wont wanna play with my youngest. But then I think back to starting again and how much it took out of me looking after a new born with a 10year old who likes lots of attension. The thought of doing it again in 2 years scares the hell out of me.

Plus having 3 kids everyone says its awquard for cars, holiday etc

I know I dont need to decide anything now as my son is only 14.5 weeks old but its really got me thinking.

I was also thinking about age gaps. I thought if I wait 2 years then my son will be nearly 3 when baby is born but then he will be starting nursery and Il be starting all over again. Would it be best to start earlier so he will be around 2. Any advice would be appreciated

Anyone else in this situation?

Anyone else got 3 kids?

Take care x

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  • I can understand where your coming from hun as im feeling broodier by the minute, lo turned 5months yesterday, also have to other lo's who are 4 and 5, so i have 3 at the moment... image

    Personally were having another one hopefully next year, as no1 im incredibly broody, no2 i want a big family and no3 id feel bad that my 5month old wouldnt have a playmate image

    Its a personal choice, for me i wanted to have my babys quickly and while im still youngish, i really dont want no more than a 2yr gap between 3 and 4 as i think its lovely having them close together, although total madness some days :lol:
  • ciara is 15 weeks and we are already planning number2. Our plan is to start ttc mid next year, so hopefully if all goes well number 2 would be born just before ciaras 2nd birthday...I know it would be hard with 2 little ones but we want a big family and im really looking forward to being pregnant again. I was watching some clips on our video camera of when i was pregnant and i realised just how much i miss that feeling. I think you have to do what feels right for you and your family.
  • Woomummy I didnt think I was broody till I started sorting through his clothes it kind of made it final and now Its got me thinking maybe I do want another baby. I definately dont wanna wait any longer than when my son is 2 as I think if the age gap is to big then they wont grow up close together.

    I too want to be young when I have my kids and I always said i would have my baies by the time I was 30 and Im 27 now.

    Bailey I loved being pregnant at the beginning but by the end I was huge and my son arrived so quick they advised me to have a home birth next time as I wont make it to the hosp. I do miss the feeling of being pregnant the time just flies by so quick it just scares me to think will I ever be ready to say I wanna stop hehe
  • :lol: Snap im 27 too and have always said i want them before im 30 image I think you should go for it hun if its what you want xx
  • hi i'm one of 3, have a sister who is 10years older than me and a brother who is 13years older than me. I can't say holidays days out were ever a problem for us, by the time I could remember it my brother was old enough that he didn't want to come out on day trips with us anyway

    In another respect I didn't mind having older siblings, in fact I enjoyed it!! When it came to playing I played with neighbours and school friends, but it was my older brother and sister who looked out for me, took me to do "grown up" things like cinema etc and it was much cooler having your sister collect you from school discos than your parents!! My sister is now one of my best friends and we go shopping and evening outs together

    hope this helps bring another view to the issue
  • its really nice to hear other peoples plans and experiences

    Claireabelle never thought of it like that. I like to think that my eldest will look out for his little bro and take him out places etc. My son was always so bored going to soft play etc I just feel like I want my baby boy to have someone to grow up with.

    queenb I know what you mean about loving being a mummy. Congrats on your pregnancy.
  • Gabe (15 months) will be an only child, due to financial & emotional reasons.

    At first my OH didn't want more & I did but I've changed my mind since Gabe became a toddler - I can't do this all over again!!

    I'm sure he'll make lots of friends and will hopefully be good at amusing himself too...We'll be able to afford to buy him nice things for birthdays and christmas and have family days out, holidays abroad, if we had 2 we would be skint! :\)

    I can't stand the thought of 2 in nappies, 2 having tantrums, 2 wanting to be fed and wiped up...sorry but I just can't lol!! If I ever had another I would want Gabe to be pretty good at caring for himself, but as you say, then you are starting all over again so it's just as hard sometimes - so looks like no more for me!! image

  • YMGM - i'm the same as you, Shea is 2next month and couldn't imagine another (yet??!!), I also waited so long to have a baby (i'm34) that I want Shea to have his mummy and daddy all to himself.
    I praise those with toddlers and babies but its just not for me!!

    However, I am hesitant about Shea being an only child and would like to get him to school before another came along, but then i'll be nearly 37 and don't know if I will want to the baby thing all over again at that age

    my motto is "what will be, will be"
  • YMGM I felt exactly the same as you before I fell pregnant with my baby boy my son was 9 and I thought I cant do this again . I totally get what you mean tho about affording stuff for his bday etc with only having one

    Claire I agree totally with what will be will be. I just feel like I wanna plan a baby and do the whole wait for the blue line etc. I know il probs regret it at the time waiting. It is hard starting again but if its what you want you can so do it.
    It was like having a first baby over again for me as everything I had done with my son was different and there was lots I had forgot.

    Take care
  • I'm with the ' no more' group! We may have another but only when Poppy is about 4/5 by which point I'll be 38/39 so it may not happen but what will be will be and no matter what I know I've been blessed with my little princess!!
  • My LO is 6 months.
    &&& I am pregnat with mt second which was planned.

    From day one of the birth of my darling daughter me and my OH decided that we would try for another.

    A house isnt a home without babies and children x
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