Stretchmarks appearing after baby?!

Hi ladies,

A bit of a pointless post but I just didn't expect this! I was very lucky and didn't get a single stretchmark throughout my pregnancy. Millie is 4 weeks today and I have noticed a few purple lines on the inside of my thighs a few days ago and this morning they are all over the top part of my thighs and on my hips! I don't care too much but I never thought it would happen! Has this happened to anyone? Do you think it means I am putting on weight??! I may have to cut my post baby pate and brie diet, lol!:lol:


  • Yep - it happened to me too!

    Never got a single stretch mark the whole pregnancy, and now I have a little one on my tummy (it's so annoying coz I thought I had got away with it!)

    Mum said it's when the skin starts to go back into shape - that's when you get them - not sure if that's true. Shame she didn't tell me BEFORE, as I would have carried on putting my bump cream on!!!
  • It s because stretchmarks are due to not oly the skin stretching but also skin losing it s elasticity and changing shape (bigger, smaller) in very rapid speed. That s why it is quite essential to keep continuing with mouisturing and so on after brith as well ... as skin is shrinking and that cause cause them as well ... meh! :P

  • fooxoo has hit the nail on the head i got mine after too x
  • Oh no, no one told me... I'd given up moisturising as it's a good day if I have time for a shower in the morning at the moment lol
    Will have to go on a damage limitation mission image
  • I got them after having lo, never had a single one during pregnancy and a few days after I ahd 4 on my stomach, fooxoo is right rapid weight loss can also cause stretch marks, continue moisturising every day and night and they will fade in time, lo is almost 11months and mines are barely noticeable.
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