Screaming when held by others?

Does anyone elses LO scream when someone other than yourself or partner hold them? My MIL held Faye on Saturday and she screamed & screamed untill she was given back to me and then she was all smiles again (couldn't help feeling smug though!), MIL was really offended, wouldn't give her back to me and kept trying to placate her untill in the end I practically had to put my hands on her to get hold. She was all 'so thats what you think of your grandma then?'

Has anyone else experienced this? She isn't quite 3 months


  • Yes - Max is exactly like that and I have to say at nearly 14months it isnot much better! He is happy wiht his workers at nursery now but to start with there he just clung to them too. He is getting better around my mum and dad but he doesn't see them or the inlaws often enough to get really used to them as they all live about 300 miles away!

    It's hard but I am glad he loves me and his daddy best image :lol:
  • Luckily I haven't experienced this but as you know we live with the inlaws and whoever visits (a lot!) so Gabe has always seen everyone from day 1. He does have seperation anxiety in that he cries when I leave the room and doesn't do this when other people leave the room, but thats it luckily! It's good for Faye to spend time with other people but if she's unsettled try not to worry and just have her back ... maybe if other people will play with her/ talk to her rather than hold her, she might be better?
  • My MIL can't get down on the floor so she is sat on her knee or nothing. She is also a rather large lady (no offence meant to anyone else!) and doesn't really have a lap for her to sit on, her fabric conditioner is a strange one as well, so I think its a comfort thing more than anything as she doesn't look comfortable (before she starts creating) when she is being held by her
  • The other thing is we've had such an horrendous time with colic, that when she is happy and content its so lovely to see without having console her because my MIL has had a cuddle
  • oh yes Harry is 20 weeks and certaintly knows who he likes to be held by. He is not shy about letting you know either :lol:! I feel quite guilty as MIL is going to help us out looking after him when I go back to work part time and all he ever does is scream in her face at the moment. Saying that though, at the playgroup on Monday he did manage to sit in his car seat quite happily while other people were milling around and gave quite a few smiles. Nobody went as far as to pick him up though, maybe that would have been pushing it a bit far haha.
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