Baby Sensory classes

Has anyone been to any of these classes? I'm thinking of going but at ??55 for 10 sessions just wondered what they are like and did your LO enjoy the classes?



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  • I did these from when my twins were 5.5 months until 11.5 months and OMG they loved them. Yes they are more pricey than just about every other class you can go to but they loved the 'hello to the sun song' so much that i ended up buying the cd to play in the car for them.

    They are split into 3 sessions, the first session is done on some mats around the teacher - usually singing and signing songs, touching and feeling different fabrics, toys, musical instruments etc. You then go to a play area and chat with other mums and the babies can play and then you go back to the mats and usually do things with a parachute tent, bubbles, fibre optic lights and then you finish with the goodbye song.

    I certainly felt that this class was actually for the babies rather than for me and very enjoyable (if a little cheesy at times).

    Mrs WB xxxx:lol:

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  • I went with my lo to baby sensory classes, and both me and lo loved them. The first introductory session was free. It gave me good ideas for things to do at home too, with lights, bubbles, feathers and ribbon, water (paddling) etc. I hope you enjoy them.

    I did lots of classes with lo when I was on maternity elave as it really helped me feel that my week had structure and I enjoyed knowing that I would be going out to something every day. Other classes that we enjoyed were monkey music and sing and sign.
  • Yep we went and they are great. Lots of fun activities, and play time as well. I found this a good way to try out toys, like a doughnut ring or a ball pit, to see if LO liked them.

    Great way to meet other mommies and I thought one of the few things we could do when LO was tiny that was of use x
  • Thanks,

    I think I'm going to sign up, it sounds good.
    I was doing baby massage but this has finished now and some weeks I have nothing planned and feel a wee bit lonely so might help us meet more mums and babies.
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