new baby gift - advice please!

A friend of mine has just had her fourth beautiful little girl. She now has four under four and three step children. I have asked her repeatedly and she swears she needs nothing new for this baby, and I do understand she has had four girls and all so close together she hasn't gotten rid of anything.

So I figured the best thing I could give her is gift certificate for a restaurant/ or more likely a delivery type place. I was thinking ??30, would buy the whole family dinner and save her cooking. It's probably much more use than most other things.

But that's the problem what place do I purchase them from? Should I go with Pizza Hut, or a chinese? What would you ladies want to receive?

Thank you



  • I think pizza hut would prob be best so she can get the kids something if needed aswell xx Or maybe you could do a nice dinner place near her for just for her and her OH so they get a night away if she has babysitters x
  • What a thoughtful idea. I would also probably say somewhere like Pizza Hut as it's something that most people will like.
  • I was leaning towards Pizza Hut as well, becuase they could also go out to the actual restaurant or order in. I had thought about getting her a gift certificate to a more grown up place and offering to watch her girls for an evening, but she's just one of those kind of mums who really doesn't like leaving her little ones. (I'm the same so I totally understand)

    I just worry is fast food a bad idea as a new baby present, I think she'll understand what I was going for. lol

  • Thats a lovely idea,

    Or, do they like films? Tesco dvd rental do gift subscriptions - if they've just had a new baby a few night in of entertainment might be something different?
  • DVD rental is a good idea or cinema vouchers but again would need babysitter for that. What about Pizza Express instead of Pizza hut. Still good for kids and a bit nicer treat than Pizza Hut. S x
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