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Going into labour without any signs beforehand?

Hi ladies,

I thought this might be the best place to ask what is probably a rather daft question, as you have all been through it.

I am 38 weeks today and have yet to experienced any braxton hicks, I haven't had any kind of show, at my last appt baby was on the brim but not engaged (next appointment is on Wednesday so I'll find out if she's moved down at all) and I still feel pretty normal in myself. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy to be feeling so well, but I can't help but wonder if this means that I'll end up going 2 weeks over and being induced, as my body just doesn't seem to have twigged that it needs to give birth soon!

Did anyone else go into labour without any signs beforehand?

This isn't really an "I want this baby out now" post, and I know I still have a couple of weeks to go, but I'm just curious really!

Kat xx


  • I did!

    Had my 40 wks appt with MW who made me cry by saying baby wasn't well engaged and I could go the full 2 weeks over... Went home that night, had a lovely bath and woke up at 2am in labour!

    Had had BH (as in hard tummy but not painful) no show at all, no nothing!

    Cannot tell you how much I loved it when I saw the same MW on the labour ward the next day. Wanted to shout "Ha, IN YOUR FACE I'M IN LABOUR" but managed to restrain myself!

    Good luck when the time does come! xx
  • Hey

    My LO went 2/5 engaged (at 36 weeks) then somehow reversed and at my 41 week appt, was high up again! She never actually engaged fact, she didn't seem to twig that she was meant to be heading down that way until the last hour of my labour, then arrived in a massive rush! So I really wouldn't worry! Good luck! x x
  • i had a c-section booked for 39 weeks but at 37 weeks i woke up and my waters had gone! I think looking back to that evening i had a few minor twinges but nothing to make me think anything was happening! i had seen the midwife that afternoon and she said baby was head down but not engaged! i ended up having my section the following morning! until my waters broke i had no other signs that my baby was thinking about putting in an appearance!

    hope that you continue to feel well and you have the labour that you hope for
  • Hi!
    I went into labour on my due date at 8am. I had an appointment at 2pm that day with a midwife who booked me in for inductions etc and I had no idea i was already in labour. I told my midwife i had back pains that morning and i felt really low in mood but I was still 3/5ths engaged and she actually told me baby still needed to move down more etc and that it could be a while still!! lol
    Those back pains increased that evening into more intense contractions every 7 minutes apart. I had baby at 7pm the following day. Later than it should have been though due to complications. It was thought I would have had her by that lunchtime initially.
    I had No show whatsoever despite searching for signs, my waters were broken for me at the hospital so i had none of that. Purely low mood that day and back aches which came and went which worsened.
    I even drove myself to my appointment that day!! lol

    Good luck!!! look out for you Ba soon i hope!! xx
  • with dd1 I went to my 39 week appointment with mw on the wednesday and i had had no bh or anything and baby wasnt engaged at all and she booked me in with the hospital for 2 weeks time for an induction.
    I went into labour later that night and had dd1 within 24 hours of seeing my midwife on that wednesday!! lol.
    So yes you can just go into spontaniuos labour without and prewarning signs x
    good luck x
  • hi,

    i went 5 days over and had no signs at all...i had no braxton hicks, no show and no twinges or was 1/5th engaged at 36 weeks and only 'almost' 2/5ths engaged at 39 fact i went into hospital when my waters broke (which happened in small lots not a big gush like you exoect) and it was because i thought there was meconium ~~(im a neonatal nurse) rather than contractions that they even took me in but im not the best example as i didnt actually go in to labour as i failed to progress and had a bit of a hideous time...when we went through they confirmed that yes it was my waters but i wasnt dialated at all and they couldnt even reach babies head...

    all the time leading up to it midwife etc said i could go at any point without any signs and while i didnt as such my waters went randomly there were no twitches or shows or anythig before hand...

    Good luck x
  • only sign i had was backache for the few nights before. But nothing else. Night i went into labour i'd been massively moaning to hubby that i was convinced i was going to go really overdue. Baby was only slightly engaged, no braxton hicks, I didn't have a show until about 10 hours into labour. And my waters didn't break until i was pushing! X
  • I had no signs either. My waters popped out of the blue at 37 weeks then within no time my contractions were coming thick & fast. Looking back I did start feeling sick again about a week before but other that I wouldn't be able to pin point any other signs.
  • I had all the signs, Abby was engaged at 36 weeks, and I was sure labour was imminent, but even when my waters broke at 40+6 - I still didn't go into labour and in the end I had to be induced at 40+7. I don't think you can ever tell how it's going to pan out until it's over - and by then you don't care! image xxx
  • i had nothing until my waters broke at 38+6, i never experienced any BH, cramps or anything, they just went!

    good luck x
  • Hey hun

    I had no signs what so ever... got up on a Monday morning ready to do my "big clean" of the house and my waters decided to pop on the bathroom floor, that was it really :lol: With my first i felt weird and sick and had the runs etc before the contractions but with my second i didn't have any signs at all ! xx
  • With my first I had no signs. Went to bed as normal and then woke up needing a wee...had DD a few hours later - I was 39 weeks. Not sure it'll be the same for me this time! Although I hope so. xx
  • I won't go into lots of details, but my waters started to break at 38 weeks having had no signs of anything. I thought I was in for the long haul - baby was very comfy, bless him! I think it's quite common to not have any signs, so don't worry about it. Whatever happens, baby will arrive when they're ready! x x x
  • I had no signs at all and at 41 weeks woke at 4.40am with contractoons and bubs was here by half 9. Had my show when I was 8cms dilated!
  • I had nothing either. I never had B.Hicks, a show or waters breaking. My baby was born in the sac which they told me was suppose to be really good luck for her.
    Best of luck to you xxx
  • Thanks everyone, I really appreciate you taking the time to respond - it's really reassuring.

    I had my 38 week mw appointment today and baby is now 4/5ths palpable so she's moved down a teeny bit but still got a way to go.

    Thanks again xx
  • hi guys, m 40+4 wks and had nothing lyk contracxs, m so tired of waitin. is there somthin i culd do, especialy bcz nxt wik will b a hectic one  

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