Gabe waking & have NO idea why!

Gabe slept through from 7 weeks (12 hours!) and we rarely had a bad night with him but now at 6 months he has stopped. It started with a cold and bad eczema but thats much better now & the cold is gone. He settles himself off at 7pm brilliantly but constantly wakes in the night, crying. I don't know what he wants...Have tried dummy (sometimes works usually doesn't), bottle (doesnt take much so obviously not hungry), calpol in case he was still feeling poorly or teething (didn't work), nappy change etc but the only thing that really works is a cuddle so I think he is doing it for attention, the little monkey. I just tend to either stroke his head till he goes back off or pick him up then put him back down and he normally goes back. Also he keeps twisting his head at an awkward angle so I wonder if it's hurting him and thats why he's waking, but he doesn't do it when he's lying flat in the day. I tried turning him on his tummy to sleep which helped but he just buries his face in the mattress and even at 6m his head control is not brilliant so I just am up anyway worrying.......any clues? Is it teething - even though very few other signs?

UPDATE *****

Well last night was slightly better, he woke at 12.45 crying but went back quickly,then he was up a few more times for a while but not too bad...

He has already woke once tonight so think it'll be an early 1 for me!!

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  • Hello

    Have you recently started weaning or adding extra meals? My first slept through from 12 weeks till a few days after weaning she was so excited at food she wanted rice or puree instead of bottles.

    Or maybe being poorly or the excema has knocked his routine a little?

    I know how hard it is when you get used to having a ful nights sleep again and then they start waking

    Good luck anyway

    Holly xx
  • I think it's most probably cos he's been poorly that he's waking. I'm sure he will soon settle down. All babies go thru a period of sleeping thru then not sleeping for a while. Charlotte did at just before 4 months so that's when we moved her into her own room and she slept a lot better.

    If he's not crying or in any distress I would just try and re-settle him as you are by stroking him. I would try not to pick him up unless you really have to. The other thing is just to leave him if you can so he can re-settle himself.

    Babies can also wake more at developmental stages so maybe he's about to do something!

    Hope you can get some sleep soon xx
  • Some babies who are 6 months start to have seperation anxiety, so he might be having a bit of that, I think unless you have to I wouldnt pick him up, just stroke his head to try and soothe him as otherwise it will become a regular thing for him to get back to sleep, i think its just a phase as he is a good sleeper and feeder so he will soon settle down

  • Right I've been very pro active tonight!

    He's had a nice calming bath (yeah right...soaked the whole room!)
    Teething powder
    Offered 9oz instead of 7oz for the last feed & he drained the lot
    Put the top I had been wearing all day in his cot (in case its comfort he wants).

    Please please please sleep through!
  • hia,have u started weaning yet? this can be a sign that they want more than milk or if not that maybe he does just want a cuddle,they r clever little things!grace has just started to have a moan when i leave the room,cnt believe they learn things so quickly!! xx
  • I think it must be teething as my lo was like this and his 1st tooth came thro at the weekend x
  • I started weaning at 16 weeks and he's now on 3 meals so its definitely not that...thanks tho...

    Spritefm, think you could be right. He has been dribbling more than usual but not really biting on things. Did your lo have bad nappies?? Gabes have been gross for the last few weeks - really runny...

    Apparently the majority of bubs cut a tooth in their 6th month so could well be...I have noticed a bump on his bottom gum but it hasnt cut through and dont think it's close yet.
  • maybe its teeth then hun? grace is showing all the signs too and i was gonna ask some1 bout nappies!!shes had 5 poos 2day n thats not like her at all!!
  • Jason's been doing something similar, goes down fine anywhere between 7/7:30 but waking up at stupid time in the morning (3/4am usually) he has got two teeth at the bottom n just got a top one coming through, don't know if it's that or he's just being a general pain in the bum!!! lol

    we've just been riding it out really but i go back to work on thursday doing nights, so really hope he settles down! *prays*

    at least you know you're not alone!
  • Hi. I know just how you feel. nathan has been worse since he was ill so I reckon that the change in their routine is a lot to blame. We assume that once there better they will settle down straight away but it must throw them completely out of sync.
    Sounds like you've done great tonight so fingers crossed. I did the bath and warm milk thing too. When I was pregnant I Couldnt sleep at all and it worked wonders for me!

  • Hi Tiger Lily, I just logged on to post the same thing (how funny)!

    Harry is also 6 months and is constantly waking during the night just for me to pop his dummy back in or like you rock him back to sleep. Sometimes he might only be asleep for half hour. I'm finding it really hard as I don't get a chance to get into a deep sleep and I get the grumps with my toddler.
    But unlike Gabe Harry has never gone through the night yet he still has about 7oz at around 2am. I always hope the milk will knock him out for a bit longer but oh know not so lucky.
    He has also just got over a cold which has left a little cough but today I did notice his cheeks are a little red and there was some dribbling so may be it is teething although I can not see anything.
    He was asleep at 7pm but have already settled him 3 times tonight.

    Good luck tonight hope your plan works. Let us know I might try the t-shirt idea.

    Debs (a very tired mummy) xxxx
  • Ah let's hope they all settle down soon!

    Haven't heard a peep out of him yet, but that's not unusual. 11pm seems to be his "time", and then it's every hour onwards, argh.
  • Maybe it's an age thing they do at around 6-8 months! Hope it stops soon...I was spoilt by him sleeping so well at the start.
  • How was last night Tiger Lily? You won't believe all that moaing about Harry and apart from the 5 times I went in to him before I went to bed he only woke once for his feed at 3pm, what a result. And when I looked in his mouth this morning I noticed him bottom gum looked different and I can see the white of a tooth underneath. So I am sure all that waking is his teeth on the move.
  • Last night he was up at 11, 1, a few times crying in between but he settled himself, and at 4.30. Gah. I put teething powder on and gave him a drink of water...he eventually went back. If it was up to me I would have him in my bed to start so I got a good night (OH works nights so I'm the only one getting up to him) but oh won't let me, he says if I do that he'll always want it which I'm not sure is true. Im still clueless as to whether its teething or he's just attentionseeking....
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