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Newborn with blocked nose


Just wondered if anyone else LO is suffering with this. He just has a blocked nose not infected or any other symptoms. Just hard watching my LO struggle and waker himself up. He doesnt have it all the time. My little boy is 12 days old

Thanks in advance


  • Hi,

    My DS was the same.He's starting to grow out of it now at 5 1/2 months. I've taken him to Dr umpteen times and they keep telling me that it's because his tubes are little and it's difficult for babies to clear them. He's quite a big boy so I'm not sure if his weight has anything to do with it. If your worried, there's no harm taking him to Dr to get checked out.xx
  • I get saline water drops from the chemist the best ones i have used are ones that you squirt up the nose it has a long tube thing that you press down i am pretty sure they can be used from birth and one of those sucky thingys you get to suck any snot etc out it seems to help a bit if you are worried tho take lo to the doctor hope it sorts itself out soon as its not nice watching lo struggling xx
  • Hi, I've found raising the head end of her matress has worked well for my baby daughter. She snuffles a lot less now!
  • I got one of the nasal asperators from mothercare. It is awful not being able to help them.
  • Hello! I also have a new born (2.5 weeks) with a very blocked nose and I have just used an incredible saltwater nasal spray from my super market pharmacy recommendation. His nose sounds so much better. It's called Sterimar and I can't advocate it enough. It's suitable from birth. Worth every penny of the fiver it cost me. Good luck xx
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