:\?Hi mummys.....

I could really do with some advice......and wondered if anyone else has had the same problem! As im struggling with my 5 and half month old daughter late at night!

I put her to bed at around half 7/8 and she wakes for a feed at 11....i put her back to sleep fine, but then around 2/3am in the morning she gets really frustrated as she cant seem to keep her dummy in! And crys and crys until you put it back in or she falls asleep. Last night she was unsettled from 2am until 4am! So i am v.tired...lol!

She manages fine at half 7 until 11 and when she wakes up for that feed she doesnt have her dummy in! And the same from 11 until 2am, but then she just seems to lose it!

Hmmmmm any suggestions!

x Katie x


  • hi i had this with my son who is now 5months am afraid the only thing to do is take it off her completely this is what my hv told me to do i had 3 hard days and nights but now he settles himself to sleep and when he wakes up it was best thing i ever did. i didnt leave him to cry i went in and rubbed his back to give him some reassurance and he sleeps thru now for 11 hrs solid. hope this helps.
  • Hi, I agree with Jenn that dummy weaning is the only answer. I realised this was an issue for us at about 4/5 months and really didnt want to get rid of it as it is such a great comforter. I tried to wean her at that time but it was the wrong time for us, looking back these months were tough anyway as she cried a lot and I was feeling a bit low so probably shouldnt have done it. Anyway, we went on hols and I ended up giving it back to her. she is now 8.5 months and 2 weeks ago we did get rid and this time it was the right time. She took to it so well and literally from the first night has slept from 7p.m to at least 5.30a.m (she is an early waker which is nothing to do with the dummy, however this is also improving - this morning was 6.15a.m). If she wakes before 6am she tends to play then just go back to sleep without a problem - unheard of when we had the dummy as I had to go and put it in. If its after 6am she plays for 30 mins or so then I go and get her. Naps have been really challenging but we are getting there. I think our first efforts back at 5 months did help as she learnt some self soothing techniques which she still recalls. It hurts you more than them but it really does make a difference. Good luck if you decide to do it and do ask if you want to know anything.

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