I really want to take Bethany swimming, I was wondering what kind of nappy is best and if you had any advice it would be great. My friend said I have to wait until she has had her third injections, but I'm not convinced.


  • Hi there, Huggies Little Swimmers are good, ive had no probs so far. I think it depends on the pool and your area re injections. My doc told me that because i live in a tiny town where pretty much all of the children would be vaccinated there is something called group immunisation, whereby your child wouldnt be at rist cos everyone else is vaccinated but if you lived in a big place where there is more likely to have kids who havnt been vaccinated, maybe not a good idea?

    Sorry waffling on now. But totally up to you! Jake hasnt had all three vaccinations and he will be six months by the time he does!

    Have Fun!xxx
  • hi, i took my lo swimmimg for the 1st time last week. i used the huggies swim nappies which were really good. my hv sad they dont have to have all their jabs but she would recommend they have had atleast their 1st 2 lots, but she said at the end of the day, every1 says different so its entirely up to u. good luck and have fun. xx
  • Thanks. Not loving the idea of ME in a cossie, but will have to rise above it!!!
  • I really would love to take Olivia but I'm not sure how old they have to be before they can go. I think some pools have different rules. I got some huggies little swimmers nappies free so will try them out when I do go.

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  • I also got myself a new cossie with tummy control image
  • i used huggies little swimmers, but if you plan on going a lot the reusable ones are good i have one for charlie but they never had them in stock in his size so got him a bigger size and will use the huggies till it fits him
  • I've been taking Abby since 9 weeks - she is now 14 weeks and loves it. She splashes, kicks and falls off the side into the water. :lol:

    I use Huggies swim nappies because they are easy to tear off when you're finished and a Konfidence wetsuit to keep her warm.

    There are different opinions about vaccinations but the only disease that spreads through water is polio and that is very, very rare (extinct in Britain). Most babies are vaccinated nowadays so what mousenose says about "herd immunity" is true. Most health professionals recommend you wait but mainly because of warmth rather than disease. Keep LO warm and restrict the time in the water when they're really small and you'll be fine, :\)

    H xx
  • i took my lo swimming when he was 5 weeks asked the health visitor first n she said it would be fine.he's now 15months and still loves the water its a battle to get him out lol. i also use huggies swimming nappies..

  • me, oh and archie are off to whitby next weekend, and im gonna have to get my "wobbly bits" out as oh wants us to have access to a swimming pool (luckily you pay for sessions so it'll only be us in there as its an apartment complex.... ive only got a bikini....thank god i havent got any stretch marks!!!!
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