Witching hour (also in bim)

Ryan has developed an hour of hell in the evenings. He used to fuss in the evenings but since we introduced a bedtime routine got much better. He then started getting fussy again and seemed tired so we brought it forward and hour which worked for a few days, but since last week we have an hour of screaming and crying usually starting from his last bottle (7/8pm). He takes a couple of sucks of his bottle then pulls back and starts screaming, he'll eventually calm down (always up over our shoulder walking around) but then it starts again, he goes rigid, throws his head back and starts crying, it goes on and on in cycles of this for almost an hour then he'll settle down and is so tired he ends up falling asleep so I have to wake him a couple of hours later for a bottle before we go to bed. Last night we tried to push his bottle a bit later in the hope of skipping it, so bathed and in bed for his evening nap at half6, 7pm on the dot he woke up with a blood-curdling scream and the cycle began, he calmed down at 8 then became hungry so gave him his bottle (tried going back to a no 1 teat to see if that helped) he fed quite well but got bored with the slow flow it seemed and only had half a bottle.
Been trailing variflow teats today and all seemed to be going well but then he only had half a bottle at his second and fourth bottles (only has 5 a day now).
I don't know what's going on with him. He's gaining weight o-k at least but is getting so distraught each day I don't know what to do to help him.
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