weaning? bit confused!

i spoke to hv yesterday about weaning Charlie (he's 17weeks), she said it would be fine to try him on some rice as he's showing signs of being ready, eg, watching us eat, something constantly in mouth, struggling to go past 3hours and he's a good weight (17lb 8 - eek!). She also said that he will probably only have half a spoon for the first few times.

well i tried him this morning and he kept opening his mouth for it, didn't seem to spit loads out and he had way more than half a spoon - when i stopped to give him his bottle he started crying so i had to give him some more but he still drank his bottle. is this okay as i really was just expecting him to have 1 spoonful and spit it out but he had quite a few spoonfuls.


  • It's fine, like the others say, some take to it better than others. Gabe didnt take to it well at all and is still a pain with food. I would just go slow and keep it to 1 meal for the first month. I also wouldnt be in a rush to introduce purees yet. Just baby rice as it's so plain on the tummy.
  • I started Archie at 19wks when he was 17lb9. He was exactly the same, I was expecting 1 or 2 teaspoons but he just kept going. He's never followed the guides of 1 or 2 spoons at firts then onto 5 or 6.
    At first he didn't realise that the food was filling him up so wanted all of his bottle, but after a few days I would give him his bottle and then after a couple of oz's I took it away and he didn't seem bothered. Did that for a couple of days, then just stopped offering the bottle as he buiklt up his solids. So at teatime now he has veg puree and a yoghurt, no milk and then bedtime bottle. It took maybe a week to drop this bottle. He's on 2 meals a day now and still drinking plenty of milk in his other 4 bottles. S x
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