Need some reassurance........ update

ok, first go tonight at weaning my lo off of his dummy.

It is the first time he has ever gone to sleep without his dummy, YAY!!!!!!!!!

It has taken 40 mins but i did it and perservered BUT............................

Now i feel like the worst mummy in the world cos i let him cry when i knew i had what he wanted right there, but just didnt let him have it.

Am i doin the right thing. Has anyone else had any experience with this.


Hey girls just to update you a week later, Ryan has not had his dummy now for a week and im so proud of him and its actually been a lot easier than i was expecting. He has just been settling himself off to sleep at nap time and night time.

It was well worth it.


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  • how old is your lo?? we are doing it slowly with lo but your way is prob best, just be wary that he will prob wake and cry for a while again in the night and it can take up to 2 weeks for them to forget, but i would perserve if you have started and good luck!!!
  • Well done!
    Nathan has his dummy for naps and bed only and I tried to wean him off it starting with a nap a few days ago and gave up after 5 minutes but I really want to try again.
    How old is your Lo? Does he use his dummy during the day as well?

  • hi,

    Ryan is 7 months, i have to admit its more for selfish reasons really, like having to keep going and puttng it back in, etc.

    But i wanted to definatly wean it off him by a year old.

    how old is your lo
  • he has been having dummy through the day, but as of tomorrow im going to stop
  • dont feel bad. I did it this way with both my boys. the first when he was 18weeks before he started nursery and th second at 6 months because he kept waking for it in the night. they both forgot the dummy really quickly and i never looked back.
    good luck with the rest of the night x
  • He's 9 months. He doesnt seem too attached to it but I'd like to get him off of it sooner rather than later. Oh thinks I'm mad and that we should just let him carry on with it for longer but I dont want him developing a dependancy on it.

  • The only thing im panicking about is when we are in public, cos im so used to just calming him with his dummy when he has a paddy in a shop or cafe, etc but now i wont be able to.

    Maybe toys will be the next best thing to calm him with

    Any tips girls.


    Glad to know its not just me.
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