Infant gaviscon question (ebf)

I'm struggling to work out the best way to give ds infant gaviscon as ebf (not expressing as also have thrush image )

the instructions say disolve immediatly in cooled boiled water before use, which I'm struggling to work out to do. I don't know how bottles are usually made up and given so not sure if I'm doing this wrong, but I sterlise 3 bottles at a time and add the cooled boiled water to those, then store at room temp and add the gaviscon when needed. I'm trying to give then straigy from the bottle but it's a struggle and a syringe isn't much easier to admister.

Does this sound ok storing the cooled water, and any other tips for administering?


  • Keeping the cooled boiled water is fine, but I'm not sure it shouldn't be in the fridge if not used straight away. Lots of ladies do it that way to ff their lo's. You can give it off a spoon as well, if you think that might be easier than using a bottle. 15mls isn't a lot in the bottle, is there a reason you are finding it difficult to give this way, will lo not take it? xx
  • Hi, I've been giving IG to Hugo since he was 18 weeks old (he's now nearly 8 months). I too breastfeed. I dissolve the powder in boiling water in a glass (I don't measure the water out anymore as you get used to how much you need) then pour it in to the small size TT bottles you can get and give it to him that way. Thankfully he likes it so takes it ok. If I'm out and about, I'll make it up in advance and keep it at room temp in my changing bag and it's always been fine. I make up all bottles just before needed (unless I'm out) rather than making all 3 up in advance. As there is such a small amount of water used, it doesn't take long to cool so I tend to make it up just before I feed him and then once he's taken his feed, it's at a cool enough temperature for him to drink.

    Hope that helps
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