Does this sound like reflux?


My little one (now six weeks) has always been really unsettled and the HV has always just put it down to colic. However she wouldn't just scream for four hours sometimes it can be all day and night. Yesterday was a paticularly bad day and she started crying at 8am yesterday morning and finally settled at 2am this morning screaming all day and only stopping for 20min naps normally just before her next feed is due.

She is very sicky. Sometimes up to 2 hours after a feed she is still being sick. If she burps or has hiccups she is sick after each one. She always has hiccups after a feed. Other things which make me think it may be reflux is she coughs, splutters and gags during feeds.

She just started taking 5oz a few days ago and things got a lot worse and now she will take 2 1/2oz and it is struggle to get her to take anymore. I am getting quite worried now and the crying is definitely taking it's toll on me - i hate seeing her in so much pain. Today it has started again I fed her at 1am this morning (she finally settled at 2am). She next fed at 7am and was fine but now she has just had her 11am feed I can see she is uncomfortable and the crying has started. She falls asleep so exhausted from the crying and I dread waking her up for her next feed.

I am going to take her to Dr's on Monday and see what they suggest but i there anything else I can do. I have already propped her cot up one end and also prop her up on a cushion after a feed. I have changed her to milk to C & G comfort as it is thicker but this has made no difference.

Any help I would be grateful for


  • It does sound like it could be reflux.
    Holding Connor up when he had it made no difference we got gaviscon from the doctor and it helped no end
  • Hi

    Sounds like it could be reflux - our doctor was not much help and was quite dismissive but i bought infant gaviscon over the counter from pharmacist and it worked well when she didn't throw it up!

    We were also advised to wean slowly and earlier by another GP and this worked well for our lo as she was able to keep small amts of baby rice down from 13 weeks so at least she wasn't crying due to hunger

    good luck
  • Thanks for your help. Couldn't get a Dr's appointment today but have one tomorrow. It all depends what Dr I have as to how sympathetic they are so we will see tomorrow.

    Interesting to know you can get Infant Gaviscon over the counter may just buy some if I have no help from the GP.

    I used Hipp organic to start with but she suffered really badly with that so I changed to comfort but isn't much better on that. Might also speak to HV, it definitely helps if we prop her up with cushions after feeds - she actually falls asleep although still struggles a bit so will have a look at the website.
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