Teething and a rash ? Anyone else's LO had one

Hi Ladies

My LO has had a bad rash all over her face and body since Sunday been to doctors twice now been told its a virus and will go in 3 - 4 days its now day 3 and still there and spreading!

My LO is teething i can see a line like a tooth on her bottom gum and she is chewing like there is no tomorrow anything and everything!

My question is can they get rashes all over there bodies and face when teething ?

Or should i be looking at the possibilty (sp?) of an allergic reaction to something ?




  • ive no idea onl time millie had a rash was after she had her 2nd lot of injections and they were tiny red dots all over her body but she had no temp and was fine so i left it it was gone the next day so i guess it wasnt anything to worry about prob a reaction to the injections. does she have a temp too?? xx
  • Thanks for the reply, she had a bit of a temp yesterday but seemed ok today.
  • Hello. My lo uaed to get reashes when teething and have a slight temp. I used to take Freya to the doctors but he always said the same thing so I stopped bothering and stopped worrying. All I do now is run a glass over it when she gets one just to make sure its nothing nasty.

    Kerry, Freya and Bump
    X X X
  • Sorry bumping to see if anyone else can help.

    We are now on day 4 and the rash is still there

  • Hi,

    My lo gets a rash when teething too. She is cutting teeth again this week and has a rash on her back. Sometimes she gets a rash on her tummy and sometimes on her forehead. Just comes part of teething with my lo as well as a runny bum, red cheeks, clingy and is slightly sick. Just keep an eye on it just incase.

    Also my lo had a virus a few months ago and had a rash - it took about a week to go.
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