nintendo ds or wii??

HELP!! i cant decide which one i would prefer, ive had a wii before but then got rid of it as we stopped using it but i miss it loads, but im not sure id be able to carry on using it so much once new baby arrives in april...and the ds lite looks good and i would be able to play it during the night if im up with baby like i was with tegan but ive never actually played on one. ive got some birthday money and dont want to waste it on cds/dvds or clothes that wont fit in a few months time, but i have no idea what else i could buy apart from those two things... any advice would be great xxx


  • I like my ds cos can play it anywhere. I think i would get bored of a wii once novelty wore off. For my ds i have some platform games like crash bandicoot, puzzle games like brain trainer and general games like 42 classic card games. I played on it all the time when i was pregnant and couldnt sleep. I even wished i had taken it to hospital with me!

    No idea what else you could buy though sorry!
  • Ooh, a tough one. They both have pro's and cons
    Wii - Its fun, addictive (once you start playing) and helps keep you fit but the problem is its difficult to get time to play it.
    DS - also fun and you can have a pet, lol, compact so you can play anywhere but difficult to put down.
    I went for the wii with wii fit as i wanted something to help me lose weight and even though i love it i find it difficult to find the time to play as lo is nearly 7wks but as time is going by i'm starting to get sometime to myself. I personally would go for the wii.

  • Hi i never played on a wii so dont know if its better than a ds but my OH bought me a pink ds last christmas and i love it! It was brilliant at keeping my oh occupied when i was labour as well. I dont play it as much as i did b4 lo was born but think it great as its portable and can have all sorts of games for it, i love the card games! xx
  • ooo im defo swaying towards the ds, youve made it sound so handy! x
  • I have a DS as well and it is so handy. We had a Wii as well but we sold it because we never actually got around to using it. At least with your DS you can carry it in your bag and if you are stuck somewhere you will always have it with you.
  • I love my ds but to be honest I NEVER get the time to play it because when I do get 5 mins to myself I always have other things to do. I intended on using mine when I was feeding Holly but found it so akward and never actually managed to finish anything that I had started so gave up with it. Holly is now 1 and I cant remember the last time it was out, novelty wore off very quickly for me!
    On the other hand I love our wii because when Holly goes to bed my oh and I put it on and have a good half an hour, hour on it most nights (playing trauma centre at the mo, its great!) and find its something we can do together and has certainly bought us closer together.
  • I LOVE MY WII!!!

    Especially Mario-Kart. Its got sooo bad that Paul has even walked in on me playing it with Tommy sat next to me in his bumbo with a steering wheel of his own in his hand. After that episode I tried to wean myself off for a while but when Tommy's tucked up in bed I can often be heard down the street screaming at one of the other racers who are trying to bash me off the road and that includes my DH - divorce on the cards if he keeps winning lol!
  • I have to choose? I couldn't live without either of them!!! Sorry, I'm no help at all am I? :lol: :lol:
  • :\?
    nope bedhead your not :lol: i think i might get a ds for now as i wouldnt need to add any money from savings to that, then when the bank balance is looking healthier in feb then get a wii...that way i can have both i guess...i wonder if my oh will see it like that.
    forgot to say that my parents have a wii so i do get to play on theirs if i want to and they have offered me to borrow it if i wanted. xx
  • wii is great but i think with you having a new baby soon a ds would probably get more use because as you say you can play it when your supposed to be sleeping & you can play it in bed! xx
  • I've got both, and I would say DS for portablity alone

    Do love my wii though
  • I've got both - we bought a ds each so we could play mario kart against eachother!

    I love my wii, have asked for wii music and the new rayman raving rabbits for christmas.

    I did take my ds into hospital but didn't use it.....

    My dh bought me the wii fit board while I was pregnant to help me loose weight after it, my new years resoloution is to make more 'me time' so I can play on it, with the new games I've asked for, you can use the board too.....

    It seems like for you at the moment a ds would be best as you can borrow a wii fit. Also, I find the ds is easier to play for short amount of times when you only get 10 mins here and there to play on it.
  • I've got both as well. The ds was a pressie last year and i used it loads before ollie was born and during labour etc... and then didnt get time to play on it for months after that. its only really the last 3 or 4 months ive had time to play on it, and thats in bed.
    We bought each other a Wii for xmas this year, and so far we've spent more time playing that together than i have on the ds.
    It means we do spend time doing something together unlike if it was just tv when one of us would fall asleep, and we expect to be able to get more time together to play on it after xmas is over and our work shifts go back to normal.....

    In my time ive always found that if i've said "I'll get that later when finances are better" something else has always come up and its never happened....

    I'd say go for the Wii. you can play it with your OH, and it will entertain lo while you play it too! Ollie giggles at us playing on it, and it wont be long before he can play some games on it himself image
  • i would get the DS but only because i have the wii already.
    i love my wii and dont know what i would do without it x
  • well i finally decided and bought a DS yesterday and i just love it, so handy as i can play it while Tegan is playing with her toys and napping.
    Can any of you recommend any good games now? ive got the sims 2, crash boom bang (crash bandicoot) & sonic chronicles the dark brotherhood, but dont really know how to play any of them except the sims lol xxx
  • I like mario kart, and like a games collection that includes monopoly and battleships,
  • Super Mario Bros and if you like puzzle games I def recommend Professor Layton and the Curious Village. I finished that a couple of weeks ago. It is very addictive.
  • Super Mario Bros and if you like puzzle games I def recommend Professor Layton and the Curious Village. I finished that a couple of weeks ago. It is very addictive.
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