wat are you doing...

morning everybody, just wondered what everybody and their LO's are getting upto this rainy miserable bank holiday? Well... its miserable and wet in newcastle anyway!

Obviously hubby and i are off and would like to do something nice, but needing some inspiration. we hate softplays on wknds bnk hols as theyre so full here you cant get moved and older kids hustling and bustling are too much for evie.

so... any brill ideas?


  • Its wet and miserable here aswell, linziMc i live in Middlesbrough so not very far away from you. I'm probably just gonna catch up on housework seen as though hubby is off work he can look after lo while i just get on with it. Not very exciting or entertaining i know but thats what i'm up to.
  • Lol aerobubbles, it's more exciting than what I'm up to! It's wet in Wales too but there's no public transport running today so we're pretty much housebound. Hubby left to go back to work this morning so it's just me and my little man in a pretty clean house so mostly I'll be dealing with O's tantrums and trying to get some washing done.

    If I had a choice I'd be off out for lunch and then maybe for a walk if the weather had cleared up or perhaps the cinema if I thought lo would stay still.

    Hope you find something fun to do xx
  • Im in Scotland near Glasgow and its peeing down, dark and miserable here too. Ive no idea what to do today either. My OH is in be not well and ive got a 4 year old, a 3 year old and 9 week baby to amuse. They are starting to go bonkers coz they did nothing yesterday and their playroom is being decorated so they are not in their own room and most of their toys are away!! Great!!

    I briefly thought about going to the shops to get a couple of things and we can stop for juice and cakes when there, but although the car park is under cover, i will get soaked getting them all in the car.

    Think it will be DVD and maybe do some baking with them, they love that!!

    Gemm x
  • We've actually been quite lucky with the weather. It has been quite nice until today so we have been pretty busy - scoping out the area we want to move to this summer, lunch and a walk with friends, a day out at our local stately home. It is now a bit grim and grey, although not actually raining, so I think a quiet day at home is in order. I should try to get some work done, but baking sounds much more fun. Thanks for the suggestion, gemm! image
  • It's not raining here either, but hubby has just left to go the the football match and lo is having his nap - so I'm sitting on here. I have out the ironing board up with the intention of doing some actual ironing before lo wakes up, but we'll see!

    This morning we went paint shopping! - doesn't sound very exciting but it means we're making progress with ds's bedroom so that he can be moved into there and I can start sorting the nursery for the new baby. We've have a busy weekend though so quite pleased to have a quiet day.
  • well were have just got back from lancashire after visiting my sister for the weekend ...got loads of washing to do but decided to go for a run to the beach ..yep its freezing but kids will sleep tonight ...ooh and pizza hut for tea image xxx
  • Its been a nice day here in Dorset. This morning i done some baking with my DD1 and then ive been shopping whilst Lizzie played with Daddy. When I got home we all went and sorted out DD1's bedroom (she has gone out with my outlaws and is sleeping there the night) as her new bed is coming tomorrow and she doesn't know about it. So we have not long finished and we are having a sit down for half hour, then Im off to fat fighters (slimming world) and im grabbing a pizza on way home and then we are going to watch a film, ready for a heckic day of putting up new bed and sorting out dd1's room even more tomorrow!
  • its been gorgeous here on the isle of wight!! we are in the process of moving house though so been stuck doing that! image
  • i live in newcastle too...but i was unaware of how yukki it has been as i've been recovering from my first proper night out with the girls this weekend haha
  • Overcast and gloomy here after a lovely day yesterday! We were going to an animal farm but thought we'd save it for a better day. But we ended up booking our holiday - yay! instead. Also, got round to making some yummy banana bread in the slow cooker, as if we didn't have enough choc yesterday! :lol: Deffo back on a diet next week have eaten far too much this weekend! image Just wish this bank holiday weekend was longer loving having my DH around more to help out with LO! :lol:
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