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Dont know if you can help me........... LO is 13 months and I have been looking for work on & off for a few months. I only really have experience in nannying and nursery care. I have worked it childcare my whole adult life and I dont seem to get responses to my CV when I try to apply for different jobs, ie. retail,office based. What sort of phrases cld I use to get some interest from different employers other than childcare? I feel they look at my past jobs and just think... no experience, stick it in the "no" pile!!!


  • You definitly have to focus on the skills you get from your childcare experience, rather than the childcare experience itself, if that makes sense... Employers can be really lazy and don't think about CV's enough, and what peoples skills can be from the work they've done, they just look for direct experience which isn't really fair. For example (and i'm just making this up off the top of my head), say you have experience relaying childrens progress/experiences/discipline issues to parents, what you are actually doing is using 'excellent communication and mediation skills'. Do you see what i mean? You need to literally put your skills on a plate, because people are generally too lazy to really read into cv's. This way also employers can relate your skills and experience directly to the job their looking to fill, and picture you in that role. Hope this helps! xx
  • That helps alot! Thank you.... I understand what you mean completely, I am going to start a list of my skills in childcare and link them to things as you did in example! thank you so so much xxxx
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