Some help for a new mummy to be

hubby and i are going shopping this week to get some essentials and im after some experienced mummies help with the following reccomendations

Nappies, huggies/pampers/other make
bottles tommee tippee/avent/other

a steriliser

also i cant breast feed for medical reasons so the best formula to use also a list of things you couldn't of done without would be great if anyone would mind sharing?

Thank you so much

Clair xx


  • nappies are a very personal choice and I think you will get people saying all sorts of different things - my advice would be get a few different brands and supermarket own brands and see how you get on with each - it depends what you like and on baby too! Once you try them you'll soon find your fav!

    I used the avent bottles for bf top ups but after every feed daily so A LOT and lo liked them fine but again others may have other experiences - DR browns are supposed to be good for helping with wind! Sterlieser we bought the avent ones that went with the bottles.

    Bouncy chair - wish we had just bought a cheapy one from mothercare or whereever but def needed.
    ummmmmmmmmm can't think at the mo of other things!
  • For nappies we have always used Huggies, he just seemed happiest in them but all babies are different so it's good to get a small pack of each brand and try them all.
    Bottles we use Tommee Tippee closer to nature, never had a problem with them and not bothered trying any others, but other peoples babies haven't liked them.
    Formula we tried all and SMA was the only one that didn't make him sick and aggravate his reflux and colic, but again all babies are different and it's worth giving them all a go.
    We use the TT microwave steriliser, very happy with it.

    Best buys have been a vibrating bouncer, totally invaluable in the first few months of his life, can't recommend that enough!

    A lot will depend on your budget, do you need to get things that will last the baby a good long while or can you buy things for 'now'?

    Congrats by the way!! image
  • oh yes muslins!!! We have hundreds!!
  • Thank you very much ladies for taking the time out to reply it means alot, i have a nice little shopping list now so just waiting to spend spend spend!!

    Clair xxx
  • Milk - aptamil for us. Never had a problem with it apart from the follow on milk which could have been cause cole developed reflux aroudn the time we were switching. He's fine on the toddler milk. I did some research when pregnant and it seemed like aptamil was the closest to breast milk and as I wanted to bf as well I thought it would be best.

    Nappies - huggies for me, not pampers cause they leak and smell of wee. the new orange pampers seem ok though but they don't start till size 4. Asdas own brand (not the smart price ones..they are nasty and plasticy) are also good.

    I bought the tommee tippee microwave/cold water steriliser and 3 bottles in the asda baby event (think it cost a tenner) and I've been happy with it and the TT bottles.

    Bouncy chair definately is useful - we havet he cheapy mothercare bouncy one. Couldn't have showered with out it lol - lo in chair in bathroom meant he could see me and was happy!

    Double up on changing mats/wipes/sudocrem etc - that was one of the useful things we did after a week or so of lugging everything upstairs at the end of the day! We just kept one lot in his room and one lot downstairs - also handy are wicker baskets for sticking all the changing stuff in. We got 2 with gifts in so was perfect.

    Some form of play mat is useful to pop lo down on.

    Vests in 0-3 months size - we had about 20 vests in newborn/0-3 and it just wasn't enough in winter lol! Got bought another set of 10 and it was perfect! course then we bought a tumbledryer too which helped image

    hope that helps
  • Nappies- we use boots own or huggies, I like huggies best but they're more expensive!

    Milk- Lily fay is one Aptimal 1 and she's fine on it, had no problems whatsoever.

    Bottles- we use tommy tippee closer to nature ones or the MAM ones.

    My best buy was an electric swing chair. We got one of the top of the range ones but with my other two children to run around after I use it alot.
  • I found the huggies newborn nappies to be the best (though when they got bigger I went onto pampers babydry!) and huggies pure wipes are best. Sometimes morrisons have big boxes or 4 packs on offer, asda prob do too. It's well worth stocking up!

    I didn't BF either and I had so many probs finding bottles for my 1st lo. With Evie, my 2nd, I used boots wide necked bottles but bought separate tommee tippee bobbly teats. They're really good and didn't scratch easily. I've used most formulas as well! I'd probably start with aptamil or cow and gate.

    My sterilizer was the tommee tippee closer to nature microwave one, it was great as could keep it out of sight in the microwave when not in use!

    Best baby buys were probably...a swaddling blanket and muslin squares. (It's really handy to put a soft muslin over the head end of baby's cot/basket/pram, then if they're sicky you can just change muslin instead of all blankets. It's a godsend in middle of night!) Oh and a cheap bouncy chair too.

    Good luck with rest opf pregnancy and enjoy buying all the baby bits!

  • Thank you ladies loving the tip about muslins in the cot pram to catch sick
  • Hi I have a 5 month old and i swear by the angel care monitor with sencor mat it is easy to use as well well worth the money.

    good luck with the pregnancy

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