Aaaarrrggh graco contour travel cot PLEASE HELP ME!

so i just bought a travel cot from toys r us the graco contour sea breeze and thought the idea was it was meant to be really easy to put up and down, i've got it home, (i've got a baby that wont stop screaming grr) and i managed by some miracle to put it up, but then thought 'lets see if i can put this thing down' its bloody impossible i've managed to push the buttons on head and toe end and they've collapsed but i cant for the life of me get the sides down, so,..... am i doing it wrong? is there a knack to it? or is it just a really crap design? am hoping hubby can get it down and if i still cant do it then we've got to find a way to pack it back to the shop Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggggggggghhhh any tips/advice/solutions greatly appreciated it's really stressing me because i cant do it and monster is getting loudser and LOUDER just stressing me more! thanksimage


  • hello i have a graco travel cot (the contour electra model so might be diff)

    but have found that the middle bit at the bottom has to be up quite a bit first before the sides will colapse

    i just lift up a smidge, push button in and you'll here a little click and down it falls

    hope this has helped
  • thanks sounds the same thing but it just wont budge! is there a particular order it has to be done in?
  • Maybe try putting it up again and then pull the middle bit and try collapsing the sides again??? Good luck xxx
  • thanks, its been up/down/on its sides but the sides refuse to undo, really hoping im just being stupid and hubbie can get it down because i've no idea how we'll return it otherwise! damn technology lol!
  • Have you tried trying to put the sides down first? Sorry I cant help mine is really easy erm try putting it fully up going and having a coffee and then try with the sides (maybe pull them up a bit as you push the button?) and hope that works?
    When we stayed in the travel inn theres was really hard to do but I couldnt even begin to try explaining! xxx
  • i have the same i have the same problem so i have to get my hubby to do it, so it isnt broke hun the is away, i know im not much help but least you know it isnt broke lol xx
  • apologies for not being anyhelp!

    (although i am beginning to think you might have a duff one as mine is so easy to do!)

    have you managed to put it down yet?
  • thank you i have managed to put it down ....FINALLY... then couldn't get the thing up again, Aaaarrrggh, i think there's definitely a knack i'm missing, going to try again a few times and if i still cant get this thing sussed to work quickly i think there will be a trip down returns aisle.

    having a coffee was a great suggestion hollys mummy thanks, didn't make it work but i felt a bit better lol!
  • Reminds me I have to play with our mamas and papas one to get the hang of it before we go on our hols!

    My mum has the one you have for when we are over visiting her and she seems to have been fine with it, maybe it is just a little stiff with it being new?
    Hope you get it sorted anyway xx
  • thanks everyone i think ive finally got it sussed, i wasnt pulling the base up enough as i hadnt twisted the lock thing properly i hadnt realised it could go even higher. phew glad thats sorted.tried looking for a youtube clip and everything, what a ditz, thanks new baby brain!
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