Baby monitors - any preference?

Hi ladies,

I have about 10 weeks unitl Bubs joins us in the world, and I CAN'T WAIT!!! So excited, and trying to finish off the shopping for his/her arrival.

I didn't realise there was such a range of baby monitors, so I wondered if anyone had any preference on which ones to get? I like the idea of ones that have the temperature display, but not sure about the moving sensors, tv etc?

It would be so helpful to hear what you think.


Rucky and Bump 29 & 5


  • The BT150 is very popular. We have it & I would definitely recommend it. Good luck image
  • I'd recommend the BT150 as well, it's great and has lots of extra features, like the temp display but best of all the sound quality is brilliant, I can hear my LO breathing it's so sensitive!

    I also have the angelcare movement monitor and this really gives me peace of mind. I wouldn't rely on that solely for the sound though, the BT150 is far better.

    HTH xx
  • I love my BT150 too. You'd think we were all on commission! haha
    But seriously i can hear my bubba breathing on it as well. Its up to each persons preference with the movement sensors I think. A friend of mine said it made her panic if her LO shuffled off the mat slightly and the monitor would beep as it didnt sense her breathing and it just made her more on edge but then i've also heard of others that relaly liked theirs.

    For m BT150 has been ace though. Has temp display and talk back function which we've never used for Baby but is good for if i'm with Bubba and hubby is upstairs and i need to talk to him!

  • We've got the angelcare sound and movement monitor. The RRP is about ??80 but I think i got ours on special offer for about ??60. Money well spent as it's really reassuring having a movement monitor as well as just the sound - an alarm goes off if it doesn't detect movement (ie. breath) for 15 seconds. We did have alot of false alarms at first which drove us nuts as on the rare occasions the baby was asleep the monitor would wake us and him! We ended up turning it off altogether which kind of defeated the purpose. But I think this was because he was quite small at birth (6 lbs 15). When he got to about 8 lbs the false alarms decreased and now at 10 weeks we very rarely get them. Our friends had a bigger baby than us and had very few false alarms. I would still recommend it despite that. Hope this helps. x
  • We like the temp sensor ones so we can keep an eye if temp rises/falls once lo is asleep.

    However we have been less than happy with our monitor - Tomy walkabout premier - so I would not recommend going for that one.
  • The BT150 has been great for us. I decided not to go for a video one as I thought it would make me more paranoid, but sometimes I kind of wish we had one - really only to save having to go up and down the stairs to see whether Hugo is asleep or not so I can monitor his naps/sleeping time etc, and to figure out what he's doing in his cot sometimes as he makes some crazy noises!

    Safety-wise though, the BT150 is tops.
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