flakey skin around eyebrow


This is my first posting and was wondering if someone can help me please....

My lo is 11 weeks today and in the last few days she seems to have very flakey skin around the eyebrow area. We are bathing her every night and lately we have been putting johnson baby bath (not alot) in every other night. I havent put any baby bath on her face as i wash her face with cooled boiled water and cotton wool.

I think the central heating isnt helping as i have been told by my hv that it will dry the skin. Is there anything i can put on her?

Thanks in advance

N & E (11)


  • My lo had the same at that age, we used olive oil on his skin and above eyebrows, recommended by hv. It helped and dry skin improved anyway after few weeks xx
  • we had the same problem and although the olive oil eased it a bit,we found e45 cream got rid of it completely.
  • I had the same problem, we use oilatum junior in the bath and then oilatum moistuiser on any really dry bits
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