What double have you got?

Just wondering what double pushchairs everyone has and what they like/dislike about them. I'm fed up of looking and need some advice from 'real' mummies not sales assistants. We thought we'd decided but we keep changing our mind!



  • I have silver cross pop. I loved it as it is lightweight, lays flat and came with cosy toes. I have 23m between my 2 boys and 10m on I still use the buggy.

    It is small enough folded to fit in the boot of our fiesta! Bonus!

  • Hey hun

    I have the Cosatto Duet Lite. I really like it actually.. i didnt think i would when i got it i wasnt sure but now im using it i really like it. The baby is so snug and comfy in it, the basket is useful and dd loves it!! Its easy to fold and unfold.

    The only draw back is its very heavy and quite long... but all doubles are there isnt a lighter one on the market. There are "real" photos on my fb of it in actual use hun but here is a link anyway. I got mine from a ebay shop for ??145 xx

  • I have the Jane Twin Pro, i think thats what its called anyway! Its really lightweight to push, never have it folded so am afraid I cant comment on that. Its really good to steer and fits both boys (ds 10 months and nephew 12 months this weekend) with plenty room one in font of the other.
    Only problem I have with it is that because its 3 wheels you have to take kers straight on and need to be strong enough to lift it up the back two wheels without tipping it, my Nana almost has a few times now! Other than that it is a good width for getting through doors etc, certainly narrower than my Quinny Buzz for ds!

    Hope that helps a bit!

  • Thanks! I hate making decisions and hubby is useless!
    MrsNoName - will have a look at your pics, only thing is I worry Lily is too big for some of the pushchairs (weight wise!)

  • How much does she weigh hun? Tbh the toddler bit is quite small... dd is only 23lb and quite short and she looks like she fills it when you look at photos xx
  • OMG Mrs Amanda that looks so amazing - I want one and I'm not even pg with No 2 yet!!
  • i'm getting the icandy pear, being delivered today! i love love love it, does everything we need it to do, and i love the fact it can be used as a single aswell as a doble, so gonna use it now until december in singles mode for ds, i was also adamant to have a carrycot and there are only 3 that can be used with acrrycot in doubles mode (the peach, pear and the baby jogger city select)...the babyjogger also looks lush but it's a little on the long and slightly wide side and i was concerned about gett!ing n and off buses with it as i don't have a car, and live in a basement flat with narrow front doors, but the baby jogger was slightly cheaper than the pear, the baby jogger starts at ??450 plus then carrycot and second seat (don,'t knwo the prices though), the pear was ??685 including the two infant seats and a carrycot, and the peach was ??975 for just the two infant seats, then plus for the carrycot


    mrs amanda, john lewis stock the baby jogger city select, i'm so glad we went there as they've got loads of doubles (side by sides and tandems) so u can cmare them all in one place and for things like length/weight etc actually put them next to each and compare rather than trying to remember

    hth xx
  • John Lewis have the baby jogger one Mrs Amanda if you want to have a look at it.

    Lily is about 30lbs which I think may rule out some doubles...she's got long legs too.

    Wow Baby - hubby likes the Pear and we've looked at it a few times in a shop near us but I would have to sell my bugaboo and I love my bugaboo lol. I know I could put my car seat on the Pear and I like the idea of having a carry cot. We are off to look again on Saturday and have a few on my list to try Lily in now, so any more recommendations are welcome. I am planning to try Lily in all of them and we will make a decision on Saturday!

  • Hello!We have a Phil and teds sport and I love it!Its heavy yes but its fab. It is the only tandem which I know would fit Lily as she is super tall and we looked at the Pear too and her legs had no growing room infact I am pretty certain she wouldn't even fit it now so would have been a complete waste of many pennies for us!

    I love my cocoon as does Mia so much easier to carry than a carseat (although she's in the cocoon more than the carseat so she actually has taken a proper disliking to carseat boo!) and the pushchair folds quite flat considering how big it is, Lily loves how high up she is and has gone from hating being in a pushchair to actually asking to sit in so am hoping will last us a while...then I will get an equally lovely single buggy!

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  • Hi - I have the baby jogger city select and LOVE it! Have yet to use it as a double as baby number 2 isn't due till september, but it is hands down the best pushchair I've had so far as a single (and I've had a few!) Only wish I'd been sensible and got it in red or black as the stone colour is getting very grubby already..it is all machine washable though.

    I love the fact that baby goes in a proper carrycot when she arrives, and even with both in seats still has a HUGE shopping baskets, which is a godsend since I don't drive so am always getting shopping out and about. It is heavy going up and down kerbs, but thats its only downside for me, and think it will be easier when I'm not feeling pathetic at 33 weeks pregnant!

    I got mine from Lullaboo baby online and was ??646 for pushchair, 2nd seat and carrycot..far more money than I ever dreamed we'd spend but for us its worth it as use it daily walking!xx
  • I went out today to meet a friend and we ended up at a local baby shop...tried Lily in a few (the pear, baby jogger, peach, obaby double one and the new britax one). The only she really fitted in well was the britax one but it was HUGE! I looked swamped pushing it. The lady in the shop said I wouldn't be getting my money's worth out of the others as Lily was quite big for them already. So I went to Mothercare and tried her in the hoxton and she couldn't fit in it length wise! Lady suggested a phil and teds as she is soooo long. So I think it's a phil and teds sport ... they are being replaced by the new phil and teds explorer in August so hopefully will get a good deal on the sport then.

    Thanks for all the suggestions. Hubby was relieved to have avoided the dreaded pushchair shop again and has said to just get the sport now so he doesn't have to go on Saturday looking! xxxx
  • We tried our 15 month old in the P&T and the double seat he is supposed to go in for the first few months. (on top of the pushchair) he is already touching the metal bar on top. He is not very tall at all and not very heavy little one, but it put me right off the P&T. Have you tried the P&T?

    I love the Britax one, but it is massive. It doesn't fit in our boot and it doesn't fit through our front door. image
  • As you know wehave the Phil & Teds Vibe and so far totally love it - yet to use it as a double though!! Willr eport back!
  • Breighlin - yes I stuck Lily in it and she was fine length ways in it and width ways! And she had room to grow.

    Maximum - I do like the Vibe but the compromise with hubby is that if I get the sport I can keep my bugaboo but if I get the vibe the bugaboo has to go...and I am not ready to part with it yet lol. Let me know how you get on with it tho!
  • Breighlin I can't put the hood up on my P&T because my 2 year old's head touches the top of it...so far for us it hasn't been a problem tho as I can't see what she is doing very well if the hood is up anyway!She is 90cm tall- so super tall for her age.x
  • Breighlin I can't put the hood up on my P&T because my 2 year old's head touches the top of it...so far for us it hasn't been a problem tho as I can't see what she is doing very well if the hood is up anyway!She is 90cm tall- so super tall for her age.x

    Doesn't that give a problem with the raincover? We were looking at it, but second is due in february, so lots of bad weather and don't really want to buy a pushchair we can't use the raincover on. :S
  • Well I have a rain cover but am yet to use it- it will go over but Lily doesn't like it very much tbh I guess it might be different if we are out in a heavy downpour in the winter months and she has no choice but then I might have the pushchair a different way anyway if Mia is confident sitting up. I do see what your saying tho and I would be exactly the same.x
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