new years eve plans?

Traditionally we've spent new years eve with my pil where they treat us to take away chinese and we stay over. but this year we haven't been invited!

So dh checked our local chinese take way is open and its a meal and champagne for 2 this year at home!

What are your plans?


  • Looking forward to staying in, bought the mini snack things from M&S for a tenner and a small bottle of bubbly. Just hope we stay awake!!
  • We'll be at home and usually do the same as you - chinese and drink although it James 27th on 30th so we will prob have that then and just a drink new years. Cant afford to go out! xx
  • I am dreading it. It will be just me, in the house. Boys will be in bed by half 7. As u know i split with oh a month ago so its gonna be lonely this new year. so annoyed cos he gets to go to a party!! they always get away scot free image

    Al probs just go to bed! xx
  • with being preg n all i think we are going to stay in and either have our friends over for a couple of drinks or my parents, and will do some party food and play games etc so nothing too exciting this year! xx
  • i dont think i will be doing nething being preg and that. also not having any babysitter we will pob be in bed by 10! a normal night for us! im full of cold too so my bed will be the best place for me! xx
  • We're invited to friends for a bbq, drinks and games etc. We have no babysitter so will take Angelo and hope he sleeps so we don't have to leave at 9pm! x
  • We like to watch all the fireworks in london on tv, I hope we can stay awake till midnight to watch them but I do wonder..... lol
  • Well having the 3 little ones and you all know you can very rarely get a babysitter on NYE and my husband runs a nightclub so always works its usually just me and the little ones but this year I got the family over too which will be nice, a few drinks and nibbles. I just hope I stay awake til 12!!! xx
  • Well its my little girls 1st birthday so I have 10 babies coming for the afternoon, and im sure a few parents will hang around after for a glass of bubbly!
  • we always do something for new yr but this yr we have no plans as yet 1 is because a friend died in car crash mad fri and its his funeral is new yr eve so as u can image no1 is up to go out etc. so mite stay in this yr and see the new yr in at home.
  • We haven't quite decided what we're doing. But either my mums babysitting and me and OH are off out for a few drinks in the a couple of pubs, and a burger on the walk home :lol:

    OR!!! We're staying in, having drinks at home on our own, ordering takeaway and watching a DVD. Depends on how cold it is!!

  • were having friends over and doing a buffet, playing bourd games, playing on wii and having drinks! it should be fun, just hope i dont get too tired!!
  • Well were being really exciting and doing.......sweet fa lol.

    On the bright side I can have a good drink this year as last year I was bf so couldn't have much but this year at least I can have a few guilt free. Problem is I'll probably be too knackered to see the new year in!
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