are there any full time working mummys??

I'm starting to feel i'm the only one!! Going back to work in September when Lo will be nearly 7 months. I'm starting to feel guilty because at a push i deep down no we could afford for me to take longer off. However we want to try for no 2 shortly and we don't have enough space so need to save to buy a house. which with me going back to work we should be able to do this time next year!!

I'm lucky that my husband has one day off in the week and my mil is having lo for 3 days a week so i know he will be well looked after!

is anyone in a similar situation any tips on making things easier? I was going to post in wrking mums but never seems to be anyone there!!

Thanks xx


  • Hey, I dont work full time, but Mon-Thurs (however, im a teacher and still have enough work for full time! lol) My hubby has them 2 days and my mum 1 day and stepmum the other. They love being away from me, and make me feel so loved when I pick them up!

    If im honest, I love my job and would have never been able to stay at home. I cherish my days off now, rather than it being every day. It also gives me time to be 'me' rather than mummy, which I really cherish as, as much as I absolutely adore my boys, looking after 2 babies is 10x harder than a group of 30 9yr olds!

    The boys were 6.5 months when I went back, and ive been back since Easter and they have settled into their routine well. I dont have much advice, apart from not to worry. It is never as bad as it seems! And dont be afraid to phone home. I was at first and both my mum and stepmum have told me they wont be offended if I want to phone and ask how their day has been.

    HTH and good luck! xxx
  • Hi
    I am full time. I went back when my ds2 was only 4months old cos I couldnt afford to be off any longer especially as my mat leave was forced to start early due to illness. With ds1 I went back when he was 5 1/2 months. It is hard and I really dont like it as I wanted to be a stay at home mum but we cant afford to eat if I dont work. My mum looks after ds2 when I am at work and takes ds1 to nursery for me for his free hours but then looks after him when hes not there as childcare is very expensive oh and my dh has them on a thursday when he has a day off. It is a hard decision but for me I feel it is worth it.
    good luck
  • Hi i worked full time when i first had my dd1 but for the past year before maternity leave i was a full time student. I have now quit uni and I am going back to work full time in 6 or 7 weeks.
    my mil and my mum shared childcare of dd1 when she was little and i would work 13 out 14 days (hubby haviing her at weekends) and i would work 8-2:30.
    when i go back in august, the shift has changed and they are doing 7am-7:30pm or nights of 7pm-7:30am. I am hoping to do nights, this would also mean i only have to do 3 shifts a week.
    my mum has been ill with cancer but is on the road to recovery and she is going to come to my house and have lizzie one day a week and she will go to mil's 2 days a week whilst dd1 is at school and i sleep!
    Oragnisation is the key!
    We always load washing machine as soon as basket is full (have one for lights and one for darks) and that gets put on whilst we bath kids and hung when they go to bed-it only takes 10mins to hang.
    dinner is cooked by whoever is home first! this is be me on new shift pattern. i make things like cottage pie and then there is some left over for the days hubby is at home on his own with the kids.

    on sundays i iron stuff for the week. i make lunchboxes the night b4. I make bottles in advance (naughty hey,lol)
    me and hubby bath the girls togtehr, it takes less time but is more fun for them.
    dd1 reads to us after school and at weekeneds if she wants to-at the mo she loves reading!
    we do shopping online and get it delivered late at night when kids are in bed.
    when i go to work i was getting up at 5:30 so way b4 dd1 and hubby but on new shifts i will be gettingready after dinner and then hubby and girls will drop me off at work or ill drive whilst they play and get ready for bed.
    hubby will get up half hour b4 dd1 and get himself ready then whilst dd1 has her breakfast and has a wash hubby will feed Lizzie. I will be home by 8:15 at latest, this will then be time for me to give them all a cuddle and then i can take dd1 to school whilst hubby takes lizzie to hsi mum (2 days a week) then i go to sleep, or me and lizzie take dd1 to school, meet my mum back at my house and she will play with or take lizzie out whilst i sleep, then i will get up and pick dd1 up from school, come home, play together, get dinner ready, hubby come home, all eat together and then ill be off to work.
    i dont mind as like i say it will only be 3 nights a week and the rest of time i will be at home with them x
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