am i evil??

as many of you know me and oh have had a few rough months due to redundancy and havin less money and been on top of each other all the time. anyway hes got some work this week and its the other side of the country and i feel so relieved. it feels like the pressure has been lifted even if it is just a few days. dont get me wrong i love oh to bits but its just been so hard the last few months. does this make me evil? or do i need to be worried i feel like this?xxx


  • No i think it is totally natural. Yesterday Paul told me his job is at risk again and instead of thinking oh no poor paul having to go through this again or thinking oh no how will we survive, my first thought was oh great bad times at home again!! i do feel bad for this and am worried about all the other things but its so stressful with jobs/redunacies etc it brings us both own. I think it will probably be good to have a few days apart and miss each other and things will improve when he returns home. Don't be worried i think its perfectly normal xx
  • No you are not evil. My oh used to work away a lot, then he changed jobs and worked at home a lot and we both found it a bit weird. When he goes into the office it keeps us sane tbh!
    Living in each other's pockets can be a bit much at times, it's nice to have your own space xx
  • Honestly - no its so normal to get annoyed with one another!! I would be worried if you feel like that all the time though tbh!!

    My hubby is in the forces and he goes away for months at a time, longest was 8 months and it kills me, we appreciate our time together so much its like a new relationship. When he comes back from tour he has about 7 weeks leave and we love it, he doesnt annoy me really, apart from when I am due on hehe!!! xxx
  • thanks ladies. i dont feel like this all the time but we just seem to grate on each other when we are together all the time. i do think some of itis my prob as i sometimes feel resentful bout my mat leave been ruined at times. i think you are all right a few days away and wel have loads of fun when he gets
  • not evil at all!

    'absense makes the heart grow fonder'

    me and my dh agrue sometimes - it's only natural as you cant agree with someone all the time espcially if your with each other 24/7

    Enjoy your time apart and when he comes back you should appriciate each other a little more again.
  • hel have cash he can take me out for lunch.yay. im lookin forward to a bath this evenin and an hour or 4 of girly chats on here. i feel i never get on here these
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