Your one baby item that you cant live without

Just wondering what the one thing you bought that is really useful, when I had Evan we bought so much crap that we dont use now - i.e baby bath, I know some people find them useful but \i didnt, also mums with babies close together anything that helped you as Evan will be just 14 months when new bubs comes???

thanks ladies



  • Ohh the ones thing that I can't live without??? Sleeping bags would be a good one as Ashton likes to kick his covers off all the time!
    I would also be interested in finding out what mums with babies close together found useful as Ashton will be 15 months when this new one arrives! xxxx
  • In the early days I couldn't have lived without my spare double duvet. I used to swaddle Riley and put him on it in the longue with it folded in half, then I could have a lay down next to him and watch the tv without being sat on the uncomfy floor as such. xxx
  • In the early days it was definately his fisher price aquarium swing - seemed to sooth him instantly.

    Now tho its probably the jumperoo and he seems to love bouncing around and being able to move around watching everything going on.
  • Dummy. Its was a def godsend.
  • def sleeping bag and dummy.
    oh and a bear some1 bought from mothcare that has sound of the wombs noises it was great when she was younger!
  • Vibrating bouncer chair it worked wonders for all three

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