Bargain car seat! :D

Hi ladies image

Well today i went to the Asda baby event to get the ??25 car seat for my mum and dad's car, as it's only going to be used occasionally i didn't want to spend a fortune. So we picked it up and went to the checkout and it scanned at ??12.50!!!

I found it felt a little hard and i don't think i would use it for long journeys or a teeny baby! The seat belts in my parents car are a bit long for it, but we managed to get that sorted by putting the belt over where baby's knees will be rather than under the base (there were holes in the seat but not the fabric strangely!).

Just thought i would share the bargain just incase any of you were thinking of getting it and your Asda had reduced it without telling anyone - there were no signs up or anything! It is still showing on the website at ??25!



  • I love a good bargain!

    I have been desperately trying to get the leapfrog learn and groove musical table that is ??15 in the asda event but they are like gold dust lol
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