Sleeping a lot during a growth spurt??

Hi ladies

My lo is 12 weeks old and last night slep from 8.30 until 9.30am this morning. He woke up once at 5am for a 10 minute feed.

He was fed again at 10am and was laughing and smiling and alert. He then went back to sleep at 11am and is still asleep now. This is quite a lot for him. Could it be a growth spurt? I've only heard people say that their baby constantly wakes during a growth spurt.

H x


  • I would say its a growth spurt.

    Finley does the exact same thing when he has a growth spurt. He usually has a day or two being very very sleepy followed by a day of being constantly hungry. So long as bubs is happy and has no temperature I wouldnt worry.

    I had the same when i was pregnant too. I would feel very little movement for a day and then get well and truely beaten up the next day. I always put it down to him putting all his energy into growing.
  • I can always tell when something is brewing by the amount Dylan sleeps. He sleeps much more when he teeths, grows or is ill. If he's happy enough and has no temp considering his age id expect its a growth spurt.

  • Hey H! Matilda has been the same for a few days (thought it was the weather when it was hot but now it has cooled down). She has been guzzling milk / sleeping all day like a newborn again! x
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