Just wondering for those who's LO's have had or have got reflux, what are the symptoms? When did it become obvious in your LO? What do you do to manage it?

Thank you!

Linzi and Fin 3weeks



  • Hey hon

    We only just got our diagnosis at 17 weeks and that was with a lot of pushing! Symptoms were screaming during feeds, refusing feeds but then crying with hunger, screaming in pain when laid flat, arching his back constantly, frequent periods of screaming with no apparent cause, vomiting hours after feeds. Lucas is mainly silent reflux so weight gain was ok, but started to suffer as he was refusing to feed. We finally have him on ranitidine (infant gaviscon can really constipate
    them and he suffered with constipation early on along with awful colic so it wasn't appropriate for him although I know it works for many) and I have a different baby! He's feeding and sleeping really well!
    If you think it's a possibility at all, get to your GP but be prepared for a fight if it's on the silent reflux side...just stick to your guns...we ended up at A&E to get our diagnosis as our GP is a useless piece of ****!!!!

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  • Thanks for your response it's really helpful. Anybody else experienced this?

  • Jack was diagnosed with reflux at about 6 weeks I think. He didnt really scream or cry that much but he threw up all the time. I mean the full bottle. The doctore tried to say we were feeding him to much but I argued with him saying that he would throw up after 2 mins of feeding & it would continue till he finished the bottle so how could we be over feeding!!!! It was my HV that got the doctor to see sense & he prescribed junior gaviscon & it worked straight away. It wasnt constipated either with it. But every baby is different.

    If you think your little one may have reflux then speak to your HV or GP & tell them everything that happens at feed time & dont let them palm you off.

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