FAO MKT86 (or anyone who uses cow and gate comfort)

Hi MKT86 - we got got some cow and gate comfort but i just wondered why with this formula you no longer added the powder to the cooled boiled water as and when you need it? hope you don't mind me asking - i don't want to make lo poorly but the hv said it was okay to do this (altho was using sma gold so not sure if there is another reason why i shouldn't with c&g)



  • i too was gonna say that the water needs to be warm rather than cooled to dissolve the powder properly.You should still stick to the usual guidelines i think of making feeds feesh but dnt let the water cool too much before adding powder.I bf myself but my mum wrks for cow & gate and aptimil and she said to do this xx
  • If you look on side of packet it says let water cool for no more than 15 mins and as others have said its because its very thick. If you make them in advance you will notice that it seperates and you have to give it another good shake.

    I personally make mine in advance (you really need to with the colief unless your baby is in good routine). I make about 3/4 bottles at a time. I boil the water, let it cool for 15 mins, add the powder and give it a good shake (well more of a good swirl cos i need to buy some lids). I then pop them in a pan of cold water. When its warm i add 2 drops of colief and pop them in the fridge. If you were going to make them fresh each time you would add 4 drops of colief then wait half an hour before feeding your baby. You need to wait for the colief to break down the lactase in the milk as this is how it works to relieve colic. I know its more of a pain than just giving them room temperature but if it helps your lo it will be so worth it. I would invest in a insulated bag for when you go out though. I have just bought one that fits two bottles from tesco for ??5. I also use it for the night feed which i make last thing before i go to bed.
  • I have noticed that if you use cold water some of it stays at the bottom and makes a kind of gloop, especially with the follow on version (2). A couple of times it has taken me a wee minute to notice that it has happened and Lucas has actually been drinking gloopy formula. It has never done him any harm tho but it can't taste very nice!!! Makes it a pain for going out the house tho so I am now glad I only have to give him one bottle a day. I BF the other 2. Maybe take a thermos out with you?
  • The comfort is so gloopy it only mixes in with really warm water. But what I did was fill the bottles with cooled water and then heat just the water up and then add the powder, it seemed to work okay. I only used it for a few months with my eldest, just use normal c and g with Evie.

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