Just need to moan

I am really sorry but I just need to have a good moan.

OH is out tonight for a friends 30th and I would really like to have gone but unfortunately we don't get any offers for babysitters because my youngest is such an unsettled little thing. I have 16 month old who is great and a 5 week old who is very very touchy. Saturday is the end of the week for us as my husband works Saturdays and by now I am absolutely exhausted after a week of night feeds and very busy days.

Thea, my youngest, is really struggling settling in and if she's awake and not feeding then she's crying. I generally cope pretty well most of the week but by Saturday I have truly had enough. OH normally takes over on a Saturday so I can try to catch up on sleep but no such luck tonight and Thea is really unsettled and I am feeling very sorry myself sat home alone with a crying baby.

i can't remember Emilia being as bad as this (although I am sure I have just conveniently forgotten). The slightest little things set Thea off. In the day i have to put her in her rom to sleep or else she can't and gets very crotchety. The evenings are very hit and miss, I must admit this week has been a lot better and we have had three settled evenings but prior to this it has been verging on hell. The first week she didn't sleep at night, the second week she would scream until 3.30am and the third until 1.30am. it's gradually getting better week by week but with Emilia to look after in the day it's really taken it's toll on me.

When did your LO's settle down (if you can remember) as I need some hope that things are going to settle down soon.

Sorry for the moan I love her to bits but Saturday is always a bad day for me at the moment mainly due to just being absolutely knackered, normally I have OH to cry too.


  • Hi, Sounds like you've had a rough ride of it. Please remember shes still very young though. I haven't got any advice I'm afarid. my son Jamie has touch wood been good. Although at 7 months still not sleep though. I'm sure the trouble will start when he's a toddler though. Hope things get easier for you very soon. Take care xx
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