feet size question for mums of newborns - especially girls

Ok so this isn't really a weird request...promise! But - would anyone with a newborn or young baby (preferably a girl) mind telling me how long your lo's foot is?

I've just made the first of a pair of crochet ballet slippers for my friends little girl who's due in may and it looks like it'll fit a foot of about 8 - 9cm length but the problem is it looks really really tiny compared to cole's gigantic size 5's and I'm sure my big footed boy's feet were never that small!!

Thanks image


  • they can be that small when my little girl born love buying shoe and bootie the one fit that her were mothercare neborn size and they were big on her
  • It sounds about right I think. Just checked and Shoo Shoes smallest size is 10 1/2 cm long, they fitted Millie untill she was about 10 months.
  • my lo's feet are 7cm- shes 20 weeks. xxx
  • Thanks ladies...nice to know they should fit! I'll start making the other one now!

    Guess i need to rename my son to 'bigfoot' lol. He'd grown out of newborn size socks within about 2 weeks and in november i had to buy him proper (size 5) shoes before he started nursery as he didn't even fit the 12-18 month pram shoes!!

  • Bless him! Millie is only just growing out of her size 6's and she is nearly 2 1/2!!!!
  • i know the feeling with kids with big feet!! holly as 3 1/2 and was size 11 last time i got her measured but really need to get her re measured now as im sure they av grown again!! xxx
  • I can't complain too much, bought him the shoes near the end of november and they still fit him now (they said so in clarks!). Think I timed it just right for buying them as I'd taken him 2 weeks before and he was a 4 1/2!! So glad i didnt buy any then
  • Gabe has teeny weeny feet and is still in some newborn socks - he's nearly 9 months!!!!!! There's no way his foot is more than 8cm. So I reckon those will be fine. xx
  • oh what a little cutie - such tiny feet! cole really is a heffalump lol! he was most definately in the size 3 - 51/2 socks by 9 months!!
  • And because I've finished them now ...here goes trying to put in a picture - hope I've resized it small enough!!


    And one with Cole's size 5 for comparison! Both slippers would have been in the pic but Cole was 'helping'

  • They are gorgeous! So sweet and delicate.

    Gabe is actually fairly big (20lb 9 at 9 months, 60th centile.....) but his feet are just titchy. My ex is the same. He's not short but has size 7/8 feet.
  • Thanks Tiger lily. Thats why I was so paranoid about the size..they look so delicate and tiny!!

    Cole must be an absolute monster! Lol! He was bigger than Gabe at 9 months - I only know that cause he hit 20lb at 8 months just in time for him to go into his forward facing car seat before our long journey!
  • Lol, I dont think Cole's a monster! You just forget how small they used to be, don't you?

    I looked at one of Gabe's sleepsuits the other day, a 0-1 months one from H&M that he wore in hospital. And it looks SO small, no one could believe he used to wear it, yet we've got pictures of him in it, lol!!! scary how big they get.
  • Oh you so do forget! My goddaughter is 6 months younger than Cole and when i first held her at 1 week old she seemed so teeny and yet she actually weighed almost a pound more than Cole! I have a great pic of cole and her both on my knee and the size difference is amazing.

    I did the same thing with the sleepsuit too..it seems so tiny and the arms and legs are just so short! I'm sure he didn't have that small arms and legs. Definatelys cary how big they get - have just had to buy 18-24 month vests for cole as his others were getting a bit tight and definately not fitting over the cloth nappies! Funny sized boy - big feet, long body but still fitting in 9-12 month jeans!
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