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Hi hun, just thought I'd let you know I've finished updating the site (www.mooboocarriers.co.uk) so all the fabrics are on there now. The shops not finished yet but if you do want to order one let me know and I can sort it out for you.


  • Hey I've just looked on the site and I love the new purple retro flowers one and I'd probably go for navy straps with it do you think? I can't remember how much they are is it ??39.50 or something like that? x
  • The carrier is ??37.50, plus ??5 p+p, but I'll do you a 10% discount so it works out to ??38.25. The navy looks ok with the purple flowers but tbh the black looks better as the background the flowers is on is black.
  • That's great, thanks for the discount! I'll have the black straps then if it goes better. Can I pay you through paypal. I would do it through your shop but obviously it isn't up and running yet. When you reply to this I'll email you with my address x
  • Yep, paypal is great. If you let me have your email address I'll send you an invoice. I've got one other carrier to finish off so you should have it in about a week all being well.
  • Thanks xxx

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  • Cheers hun, I've sent the invoice so you can take your email off if you like.
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