Bl**dy Typical ! LOL - *UPDATE* Advice please

I missed Charlotte rolling to her front on her own today !!

I put her on her mat, went in the kitchen & popped her bottle in the microwave, walked back in the lounge & she was on her front !!! I cant believe I missed it, & would she flippin do it again OH NO !

I could get her to do it if I sort of tugged on her leg to get her momentum onto her side but I wanna see her do it all on her own !! How typical after having spent the last few weeks trying to sort of "teach" her how to do it the first time she goes and does it when i'm not around ! Oh I hope this isnt gonna be a pattern and the first sit up unaided, crawl, walk, talk are all done without me !!! :roll:


Well she did it again today ! I head off to the kitchen for less than a minute, come back and she's on her tummy !!

So I rolled her back and sat on the sofa and just watched and she did it again !! Now she has spent the whole evening rolling onto her tummy, then crying as she cant get back on to her back, once back on her back she then rolls back on her tummy and does it over and over and over !! :lol:

I put her to bed and then not 10 minutes later I heard charlotte grunting over the monitor, go upstairs and she's on her front !! Now i'm paranoid that she'll do it and suffocate or something (although she lifts her head up fine) but I know the advice is for babies to not sleep on their tummys. hHat should I do ?

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  • Hooow typical.
    Babies have a habit of doing that :P

    Yeeey for Charlotte though!

    My LO started rolling back to front when me and my OH were at a wedding and my mum was looking after her :P

    also you'll find that when you try and get them to do something new when anyones around they have a habit of showing you up :roll:
  • I cannot read your message cos bloody adverts :roll: but i think i get the gist, since Erin has been able to roll onto her tummy she has slept on her tummy, i asked my hv about it and she said basically there is nothing i can do, so i just tried not worry, the only annoying thing was she didn't learn how to roll back on her own till a few months later so she would wake in the night really frustarted cos she couldn't roll on to her back !!
  • They always do things whilst you are out the room. I've started spying on my Charlotte so I don't miss anything!!
  • Yey! Go Charlotte! xxxx
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