How is your baby behaviour?

my little one is extra active and i love seing all he does i got tons of pictures of all the faces hi made during the day and i try posting pictures but they come blank it does not work.

i have to introduce him to new games all the times and i am waiting for his first laught. he is very playfull i have not rest during the day.

i think its probably because he is a summer baby.



  • Evie is very placid, when she's awake shes always looking around and i swear she is focusing on things and trying to reach for them, i can't wait for her to get bigger and she her personality develop.

    Alex & Evie xxx
  • Hi yes i mean i can wait to hear my baby saying mummy i wonder also about his personality althought by now i know he is going to be a restless little one.
    im just hoping i can cope

    just kidding i guess we are built for that.

  • jayden is a demanding little soul! wants playing with all the time, crawling around and pulls my hair and laughs!!! he crys when he doesnet get his own way too, i can see me having my hands full when hes walking!! hes crawling now and thats bad enough lol into everything!
  • hi i can imagen! my bb is hitting the bottle averytime i try to feed him i wonder are they all like that or am i just the lucky one
    i ha a field trying to finish his milk.

    martha xxxx:lol:
  • Theo is inbetween really, He likes to play but also likes to just sit and be talked to or watch tv! He was an august baby.
  • zakareya up to a week ago was quite a happy boy. just looked around intently on things, drank lots of milk and slept through the night. now he is constantly wingeing, crying and waking in the middle of the night. just can't explain it!?!?
  • How old is he? Possibly teething or a growth spurt.
  • i think my bb is starting to theeth he wants everything he can get hold of in his mouth and he is dribling a lot too. he stils wakes once at night to feed.
    during the day he likes tom and jerry and scooby doo anything else he gets bored too fast.

    hey thanks for repying
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