boiling drinking water

This seems like a stupid question, but when can you stop boilng tap water for drinking (not for formula). Some things say 6 months, others a year so a bit unsure?


  • I stopped at some point after 6 months, and stopped boiling for formula at about 8 months. Bad Mummy! I think if you are worried then - carry on until 12 months though.
  • The recommendation is that you can stop boiling drinking water at 6 months but should continue to boil water for formula until 12 months (when they switch to cow's milk).

    I stopped boiling drinking water at about 7 months and my girls actually prefer it cold from the tap
  • Thanks, my LO is almost 7 months and I keep forgetting to put the kettle on until about 2 mins before a meal time! It will be easier getting it from the tap.
  • Think stopped boiling water at about 8 months only becuase I read a post in here!! I now have a brita filter in the fridge, lo does prefer it
  • the recommendations are u can stop at 6months, but i stopped at 9months and tbh i still do it most of the time now, i always get the bottles water ready just before bed for the morning so i do his drinking water then too, but then just refresh that with tap water through the day...don't know why i still do it for the morning, jsut habit really lol. xx
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