Gutted! Help?!?

I had to go into work to sign my new contract and they have just tol dme they want me to work 30-36 hours a week and this will be mixed between days and nights! WTF??? Im worried sick, i cant do more than the 24 hours on nights as i dont have anyone to keep Ellie and i cant physically do any more hours than that with no sleep for 36 hours at a time! I fell ill, what i was wanting to ask you all was how do you manage to stay at home and pay the bills etc? We are not hanging out for cash but my ??600 a month keeps me in clothes and fuel etc i dont know what we will do if i loose that. I feel ill, i will go to the jobcentre on Wednesday to find out what i can do, i might have to look for another job! BOOO!!!


  • poor you. I also have to look for another job as I was still working at my pt uni job before havin lo. need something with better pay as min wage is just not enough. But am working myself up already about leaving lo and starting something new already not plannin on goin back til sept ha ha
  • im sure if u go back to work after maternity leave they have to accomodate u.. tell them u cant do those hours as u have no one to look after lo.. im pretty sure they have to work around what u can do.. i wud speak to jobcentre or cab and find out where u stand.. but i think that is very wrong what they are doing..
  • Diane, left you a reply on nov forum xx
  • I thought that companies had to offer family friendly hours these days
  • Check with citizens advice bureau but I think they have to offer you the same job back!
  • Left you a message on 'our' forum x
  • yeah they have to offer baby friendly hours, supposed to be 9 - 5 but i know that doesn't always work, i start my work at 8.30 and finish at 3.00 i used to start at 7.30 but that was too early now lol - i have gone back to days a week and if oh is home i pick up some more, am not entitled to family tax credit any way so it doesn't matter about me working 16 hours!

    get them sorted out and tell them what you can do and if there not happy with take them to court, they cant treat you like that!
  • You see i work in a nursing home and there is no such thing as family friendly hours. Every nursing home in Northern Ireland work by the same hours, its the law.
    Thats it and no way can they change that. i dont want them to i just want to work 8pm-8am 2 nights a week and didnt think it would be a problem and i was told it wouldnt be a problem till yesterday! Bloody getting angry now, im past annoyed and hurt now im just pissed off! LOL
  • Hi Diane, they have to be reasonable with you - what are the reasons they are giving as to why you can't only do 2 nights a week? x
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