Fresco highchairs

Hubby really wants Fresco highchairs for the girls (he has seen them at a friends and likes them - I'm not complaining!)

I was wondering whether anyone else who has one has gone for the Bloom or the Loft (that goes up a bit higher?) I'm not sure whether it's worth the extra money (an extra ??50 per highchair for the Loft). We do have a breakfast bar in the kitchen but mostly eat in the dining room.
Also, how do you find the highchair - any disadvantages?


  • We have the loft and got it as it was on special offer (at the price of the cheaper one). we also have the breakfast bar but really use the dining table so have never needed the extra height. Get it if you feel you'll need it otherwise its not worth paying the extra.
    I really love it as you can use it from newborn (comes with a snug) up untill they're 5. I love the tray as you can take it off so makes it easy to clean, i also love that it swivels. what i dont like is its pretty heavy. i have the leatherette seat and find i can wipe it down but tricky to clean the straps but i guess thats with most high chairs.
    overall, i love it.
  • Also, when we got ours lo was around 4moths and wasnt seating up unaided. i found she was too big for the snig but looked too little without it. I kept it in the recline, i didnt use it to her at the tme. She fits in it fine now though
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