My Parents - i hate talking bad about them but...

I need to get this off my chest...hope you dont mind....

Okay I love my mum n dad to bits we are a very close family my mum is like my best friend, and since i can remember my mum n dad have had Lochlan every saturday since a few weeks after he was born to help me when the oh went back to work and because i had pre clamspie before and after birth of lo.

Right well this is what is annyoign me and im too much of a people pleaser to say to their faces, it really grates on me when i feel like their telling me what to do with my baby, i mean yes they have been there done it 3 times etc and this is my first and my mum actually said she hated when her own mum used to tell her what to do or how to do things etc so thats why its pissing me off so much, i'll give you a few examples, I bought Lochlan (10 weeks tomoz) Dr Brown bottles for his colic and i said dont shake them because that defeats the purpose so no bubbles etc are trapped when i went to collect him on the sunday my mum was like yeh me n your dad read the instructions and it says you can shake them for 10 secs as long as you use the little white cap part so the milk doesnt pour out, i think a bottle needs a shake, i felt like she was totaly going against what i advised to do, then i changed lo's milk from sma gold to cow n gate comfort to help with his colic n his little tummy, and yesterday he had some runny green poo sorry tmi when i was telling ym mum she was like yeh thats what it says on the back of the tub of milk that his stools will change until his body gets used to it, didnt you read it, and did like a sarcastic snigger type thing and said me and your dad read everything throroughly, i felt terrible like i had failed because i hadnt read it thoroughly i just wanted to take his pain away. Also when im holding him he loves to lift his head and have a good look about she shouted watch his head! like i dont fucking know!!!! then when i bath him he has a wee cry with me but he doesnt when my mum n dad do it and shes like did you feed him before hand thats what we do, im like aaaaaaaaaaaaah fuck off!!!!! mr n mrs perfect lol

sorry had to get that off my chest, i love them to bits their great with Lochlan and love him to bits but i feel like they contradict everything i say or make me feel like im doiing it wrong why are parents so annoying sometimes!

Lyns xx Thanks for listening to my moan!!!

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  • My lo is nearly 7 weeks n my mum and mil both do this, it drives me mad! I have a bit of a moan 2 my mum about what mil has been sayin/doin in the hope that she'll take the hint n stop doin it! My mil is def worse than my mum though, the other week brooke was cryin so i went 2 give her her dummy n she said "dont u dare pick that baby up", who the Fuck is she 2 tell me when i can n cant pick my own baby up! Sorry i cant offer much advice but just thought i'd let u know ur not on ur own with the interferin parents lol x
  • Thanks girls i think it herlps just to get it off my chest rather than let it build up inside me because i would end up exploding saying something i regret, Mrs wright my MIL from the very start was like dont give the baby a dummy!! its disgusting bla bla she even treid to bin the ones i bought incase i did use them, they really are over the top sometimes, my lo doesnt like dummies i tried him with one when he screamed the place down but he spat it out so he rejected it on his own but im not having anyone tell me what to do!!
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