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My lo is 8and a half months old and for the last 3 nights has been waking up at 5am bright as a button. She doesn't seem to need anything but when I put her back down she screams the place down. I have ended up taking her into the spare bedroom with me (so not to disturb hubby) and she falls asleep again (eventually). Her front top teeth are cutting and she has a cold too but she doesn't seem to need anything when she gets up. I was wondering if maybe she needs to eat more during the day or if it is her teeth? Any suggestions welcome as so tired now and don't want her to come into bed with me all the time. She has always been such a great sleeper?!?!?

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  • It's strange isn't it! My lo kept doing this when the clocks went back. I just ignored him (didn't pick him up as he wasn't crying) and he went back to sleep. Definitely don't pick her up if she doesnt need anything...she might settle back to sleep on her own. My lo got progressively worse after his brief time of night waking & started waking
  • Well I've figured it out - she just woke up screaming just now and I rubbed anbesol on her top gum and the corner of her top tooth is just popped through!!! About time too!!!

    Poor little monkey - she just wanted her mummy while her teeth were sore. Well hopefully that will be her now til morning - gave her some Nurofen and that has calmed her down.
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