Whats wrong with my boob?!

DS is now 6 months old and the last few days he's been rejecting my left boob

when trying to put him on he arches his back and tries to get away from it...then il switch him to the right and he's fine and takes his feed

he's ok if I feed him from it lying down at night, although doesn't feed for long before wanting the other

I'm obviously just worried about my supply stopping in that boob and then only having 1 boob to fees from

do you ladies have any advice or suggestions to why this is?!


  • !!!! not sure mrs could be he is more comfy on the other side?? reece has always had a prefernce for my left and in the earlier days would have done this, i would say to keep trying image xx
  • Hmm, maybe he has wind or earache on that side? Is your supply still ok in that boob? Keep offering it to him, he may be having a fussy phase.
    Don't worry too much about your supply, it can always be increased, and in the meantime there's the brest pump or, failing that, your hubby! ;\)
  • Actually he's teething isn't he? I reckon it'll be making his mouth sore lying that way.
  • check for a blocked duct, I have recurrent mastitis and when I get a blocked duct or mastitis starts lo feeds badly on that side (which makes the problems worse but milk can taste different)
  • How do I check for blocked duct?

    Thanks girls..I hope he gets over it soon...it's my small boob so will look even smaller with the other one producing not milk lol!!
  • I've got exactly the same, she will feed off my left boob but she really fusses and tends to feed for a much shorter time. She's fine if it's the dreamfeed though. I was worried about the supply, so I did wonder about expressing a bit off that side as I need some milk expressed to mix in with her baby rice now we are weaning.

    Having said that, she doesn't seem to want to feed any sooner when she's fed off that side.
  • My son had bad trapped wind and reflux when he was younger and bf and he too was fussy on one boob (think it was my left one) and I had put this down to being uncomfortable for him to lie on that side. I used to pump a lot anyway for his dreamfeed. I agree that you should just keep offering it to your son and maybe express if he doesnt take it. Sorry, cant answer on the milk duct though as I dont know.
  • dd will only feed from the left side when she is tired. i think tbh it's because i find it easier from that side.
  • It could be a number of things - the most likely is teething. Sophie went through a phase where she wouldn't feed from the left side unless she was very sleepy and that coincided with all the major teething signs. Sadly we've still no tooth to show for it.

    I'd agree with the others - keep offering it to him and hopefully he'll take it again.
  • i dont have any advice but do u know NAttyNik? her daughter only feeds from one breast i think if im wrong correct me. speak to her if u can xx
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