weird poo......... ;)

my son is 11 months old and he had a really weird poo today - it had loads of little black cotton like pieces in it, about a couple of mm long they were dark - i picked one out (nice image ) they werent moving and they looked like when a man has a shave, all the little annoying hairs they leave in the sink ! ive read that banana can give dodgy poos, which he had at breakfast but he has one every day and it hasnt happened before . he seems fine and is happy and playing so am very confused.... any advice would be much appreiciated ??? xx


  • Banana gives my lo funny poo's with little wriggly lines in it.

    Or maybe he's been eating a new toy??
  • Sounds like banana poo to me, when Gabe has banana it creates a yellowy green runny poo with black dots in it, lovely lol. I have stopped giving him banana as it was ruining lots of vests and clothes!

    He could have eaten something weird as well, Gabe has teddies in his cot and I'd forgotten to take the tag off one of them...anyway in the morning I found the tag (HALF EATEN) lying in his cot!
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