Bad skin (also in pregnancy)

I have had bad skin for years and it was only the last 6 months that my skin had started to be really good and I was loving it, not worrying about having make up on and feeling like I don't have to hide my face all the time and now my skin is right back to where is was. I'm nearly at 14 weeks and I'm worrying that I will have this all the way through the pregnancy.

I know it will be completely worth it but it's really getting me down and I wondered if any of you ladies have any recommendations for products that worked for you during pregnancy (everyones skin is different I know and mine is generally quite sensitive)

Any help would be highly recommended!!



  • I think its probably different for everyone how the hormones effect you. But for me my skin was rubbish throughout my pregnancy tbh. Nothing really worked, and its only just starting to settle down now - LO is 6 months old and I've been back on the pill for 3 cycles.

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news!!! Hopefully for you once your body is used to the hormones it'll even out a bit. If its any consolation, I think most pregnant ladies go through a time of having bad skin, you're definatly not alone.

    It's so worth it!!!

    Look forward to seeing you in baby

    Liz xx
  • Thanks Liz, hopefully it will calm down a bit soon.

    I'd go my whole life like it to have my baby so i'm sure I can cope for a few more months of it.

  • hi hun,

    i'm a beauty therapist, the best thing I can advise you is stick to your normal routine, make sure you cleanse, tone and moisturise every night and day but I had the same problem through my pregnancy and i'm afraid with the hormones it may not clear up, some people do get lucky and their skin does clear up again xxx
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