Hi all,

after some advice. I am off to turkey in october. My lo will be about 7 months by then, and I am wondering how he will cope with the flight ?? Sounds silly I know, but things like our ears pop, how does this effect a baby? As an adult we are encouraged to suck, but I have weaned Jacob off his dummy, should I re introduce it just for the holiday? Sounds redicilous I know, but I would hate to think of him in any kind of discomfort.

Our flight is at 18.20 ish, so I am thinking it will be nearly bed time for him, so I could just give him his bottle instead.

Can anyone offer me any advice or reassarance please?!!



  • If you don't want to give him a dummy again I'd try a bottle as he'll still be doing the same sucking action x
  • My LO has been to Spain, South Africa....and we are off to Bulgaria and the hopefully I can offer some advice.

    So far he has been fine on flights....I offered his bottle for take off and landing. I suffer badly with ear popping but he didnt. I think with short haul to Turkey etc they dont fly as high as long haul so the decent is less but dont quote me on that....just judging by our flights short and long.

    I found LO was really sleepy on the flight, maybe it is the cabin oxygen or something but he was as good as gold.

    I am however dreading the 12 hour mauritius flight as he is walking now and will be 13 months old.

    I am sure your LO will be fine......dont stress to much about the flight, the cabin crew are so helpful I found. Also another tip one of the cabin crew gave me was to put some olbas oil on a tissue for take off and landing......I have no idea why but we waved it under LO nose and it might have helped...who knows

    Good luck xxx let me know if you have any other questions xxx
  • Emilia has just stepped off her 10th flight and she is 7 months. She has always been fine, I found she just likes to watch whats going on!

    Def recommend giving him his bottle during take off and landing or leaving him asleep if you can. If Emilia has not wanted her bottle I give her my clean finger and gently rub it on her tounge. This encourages a sucking action which stops their ears from popping. Not ideal but better than a screaming child!
    We also dont use a dummy.

    Take plenty of quite toys for LO to play with, they are good to distract them with, so you can have something to eat or drink.

    I also found it easier if I had a small wash bag with wipes and nappies in rather than having to lug a changing bag down the plane to change LO

    I am sure it will be fine, hope you have a good trip xx
  • I work for an airline. The best advice possible is to give lo a feed on take off & landing, but around 30 mins before u land. A good distraction like a toy or something is good.

    Jayne xx
  • Ahh thankyou all for your advice. Should all go ok then. I can just adjust his feeds to fit around flight times.

    Can you warm bottles on the flight junglejayne?

    There are certainly alot of well travelled babies on here!
  • Yes. Although it would just be a teapot with hot water in it. Also, I get a lot of mums asking to put bottles into the fridge to keep cold, we only have a drawer with ice in it that melts as it's not cold enough. Just incase you wanted to keep them cool.

    Jayne xx
  • junglejayne31....
    any tips for me image (sorry)
    flying to brazil (direct) in 2 1/2 weeks with my ds who is 16 months and an active toddler. i will be 24 weeks preg on way out.
    we have only bought two tickets. any advice on where we are best to be sat (if the nice people let us have any say) any advice on how to keep them entertained and if flight approx 11 hours how many meals will we get so i know how much food to take for him xx
    thanks so much
  • Hey CatnKitten,

    Best thing a portable dvd player!! A couple of fav toys. & the best book ing the world, topsy & tim go on an aeroplane (or go to the sirport) it's one of those. So many mums say it's the best book ever, cause the kids can relate to the things that they have done.

    Best place to sit would be forward of the wings & at a window so the kids can look out & occupy themselves.

    Meal wise depends on what time your flight is at, I'm assuming it's a mid morning cause your flying west so you will probably get 3 meals. But for me they are never enough so I'd stop at boots & get some snacks & things to fill up in between. Also, lots of water as you need to drink loads.

    Jayne xx
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