Dim question about socks

Do I really need to buy baby socks??

I just sort of imagined that whilst baby's small s/he will more-or-less permanently be in a babygro so I won't need any. What about when baby is just in a vest - do you find your little ones need their feet keeping warm in socks, or not?

Obviously when baby starts wearing "proper" clothes I'll put socks on him/her.

Thanks for your advice.



  • i was told by mw that even under baby gros they should have socks on and not all suits come with the feet in, we bought about 10 pairs of socks thinking that would be enough but i had to go out and buy loads more! x
  • the only time i used socks for tiny babe is to wear with baby grow when its really cold, oliver always had cold feet if he was on the floor or in bouncy chair (draughty house) xx
  • i always put socks on him.but he rarely wears babygros during the day but if he does and we go out then i put booties on his feet x
  • Ok, thank you! Will get some to have on standby and then just use my common sense.

    I have a weird thing about hating my feet to be hot (they always feel cold to the touch even if to me they feel the perfect temperature) so perhaps I need to be careful I don't let baby freeze his/her little toes off before I admit they're cold! :lol:

  • Like others have said you can get small packs for a couple of ounds so worth getting some. So far i have not had to use them in the house with a babygro as it has not been that cold but i always put them on when we are going out and weather is due to get very very cold soon.

    It is normal for newborn babys hands and feet to feel cold so dont panic if your baby has cold feet even with socks on.
  • i do tell my women not to bother buying scratch mitts- sox are far better!

    as for on the feet - tbh, i didnt like my lo being in a babygrow in the day (i dont have a problem with it, just thought it was like staying in pj's all day - plus had millions of outfits for them to wear!!), i liked that they were dressed, so did have sox!
  • Jack wears socks under his babygro's when he's in bed, and when he gets dressed during the day he also wears socks.

    (With the exception that Kelsie, 13 months, hasn't pulled them off his feet and is using them as a teething toy!!)
  • After all that - have just had a rummage through the bits and bobs work bought me when I went on maternity leave last week, and have realised they actually bought me a pack of 5 pairs of baby socks imageops:

    So I can see how it goes! Thanks again.


    PS Some of my babygros have little foldy-over bits on the arms which I recently realised are attachable scratch-mitts - genius!
  • They just fall off anyway PTB!xx
  • forgot about them babygrows - you're right they are genius!!
  • Personally dont see the point in socks with a babygro as you'll prob have the heating on in the house & when out, in this weather lo will be in a snowsuit / under footmuff anyway so his/her feet won't get cold.

    Oh and I second the make sure they are very elasticy at the top as socks fall off babies!

    Gabe was a May baby so for the first few months of his life we had a heatwave and he very rarely wore socks - he had his lil newborn feet dangling out free - I turned my back for a second once when I was in a lift in town, and a womans toddler in the next buggy was grabbing his feet!!! sooo funny.

  • Cole is a winter baby and after the first couple of weeks in babygrows we started getting him dressed properly in clothes and always put socks on him. Socks never stay on with him though so we always used to put bootees on him.

    OVer summer he just went bare foot most of the time unless it was a bit chilly then he had socks and soft shoes outside - he loved having his bare feet up in the buggy feeling the breeze!

    Now he has socks and slippers on in the house - the slippers are to keep the socks on mostly!

    Definately worth having a few socks ready - i liked the little white towelling ones cause they stayed up quite well. We did end up getting tons of pairs of socks and scratch mits bought for us - probably a good job as we only had 2 pairs of socks!! Scratch mitts were rubbish though - cole kept pulling them off! He still doesn't like mittons!
  • I'll be honest, I avoid socks with my girls, I can never find two the same color and they just come off. I use tights for dresses or trousers. That way their legs are nice are warm if it's cold and windy outside, you never have to match them and the don't come off image. You can buy varying thicknesses so you don't have to cook the poor child, but I found they are just much more practical.... well except when potty training, but one battle at a time image

  • I always used the little shoe socks from Boots for out & about when he was really small but as he was a may baby & only had baby grow on for the first few months nayway, we never really used socks much. But Primark do 5 packs for somethign silly like 1.50 so worth buying as a stand by item.

    Primark also sell the fleece babygrows for 3 quid each which imo are much better than grow bags for night times, lo goes in their normal baby grow then the fleece baby grow & if the blankets get kicked off they dont get cold. Sonny still sleeps in 2 babygrows even now
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