what time do you put your lo to bed?

As the top says what time? Just wondering what was best


  • Charlotte is 13 months. For a while she has milk at 6.30, bath afterwards then is in bed at about 7.15.
  • Kelsie 6.30-pm. Shes 16 months.

    Jack 10pm. He's 14 weeks and nocturnal!! It was 1am, so we're slowly getting there!!

  • Evie is 11 months she is in bed asleep for 7:30pm...
    She has bath at 6pm and then milk 7pm bed asleep for 7:30pm...
    I think its important to get them to bed at a reasonable time... Although it took me a while to achieve this....
  • my two are 2 1/2 and 8 months. They both go to bed at 7.30 after a bath and milk.
  • My lo is 19 weeks and is in bed between 630 and 7pm. It would possibly be a little later but in the week she is woken at 630 so we an get ready for the day so that's the time she's tired!!
  • mine are 3 1/2 and 9 mths and are in bed for 6 and 6.30ish.They wnt last any longer!! when grace is ill or teething she even goes to bed at 5.30 some nights but still sleeps thru till the mrning,i just follow her lead.Holly asks to go to bed most evenings around 6.30! xxx
  • Mine is nearly 9 months and goes between 7 and 8pm, depending how tired she is xx
  • Jamie is 6 months and normally goes down somewhere between 8-845 these days. Now and again its later but that tends to be the norm and he'll have a bath between 7-7.30. x
  • Maddi is 7 months and normally goes to bed at 5.30 and Ollie my 20 month old goes to bed between 5.30 and 6pm
  • Gabe (9.5 months) is topped n tailed at 6.30, then he has his teeth brushed, a story, and drinks his milk (he wont even let me hold a bottle anymore!) He's in bed by 7.15 at the latest and usually asleep for 7.20!!!

    What baffles me is he can go to bed at 6pm or 12am (if we've been out) but he always wakes around 8?? Bizarre, think he has an alarm clock, haha xxx
  • I am the same as ILoveMyGeek. Kara is in bed anytime between 8pm and 9pm. This works for us as her daddy sometimes works until 8 during the week. Her dinner is usually 5.30pm and supper about 8pm. She is 17 months. With me working until 4.15pm in the afternoon I wouldn't want her going to bed any earlier because then I wouldn't have as much time with her either. She usually has about 2 naps during the day,
  • Lily is only 11 weeks, but she tends to get sleepy and a bit grumpy if she's still up after about 7pm, so she goes to bed somewhere between 7-8pm.
  • wow, now that is organised.Do your lo's sleep through til morning with maybe a feed in the middle of the night? i have only started putting lo to bed at 9 before that he stayed up for ages.He has 2 naps during the day,the 2nd one is at 5ish and he wakes at 7,so after that he can go on til 9ish,before that he's not tierd. He then has 2 sneeky feeds and wakes at 9am. so what time does your lo wake up???
  • my lo's are 24weeks and nearly 18mnths and go to bed at 6pm most days...if Chloe (18mnths) doesnt nap in day she can go to bed any time from 5pm but if she has a very long nap (2hrs) she might stop up till 7pm at the latest.
    Emily will wake for a feed around 6am then go back to sleep and we all usually get up anytime between 7-8am x
  • Hi my 3 ellie 6 and leo 17 month go at 7.30 pm and then james he is 7 months goes up at 8- 8.30 depending on how tired he is but it took a while as it used to be 10 pm. but i have to time it all and stick to a very strict routine or it all goes wrong and i get stressed as its mad in here with 3 lol
    vikki xx
  • evie is 15months (really need to accept she is a TODDLER and move forum *sob*) And has always had a bedtime of between 6-7pm. I'm willing for her to stay up til 7pm latest, but more often than no she can't last past 6.15 and goes down and straight to sleep then! X
  • I put Dylan to bed about 7-7.30pm (he's 7 1/2 months). Dinner is usually at 5pm, then In The Night Garden (if we can stand another episode) or bath or book, then bed!!
    We've stuck to the same time since he was born and i'm trying to work on him going through the night...have managed to drop the early hours feed so far!
    Sarah xx
  • just replying to the extra question u asked reg sleeping thru! Grace is just over 9 mths and sleeps 6pm-anytime between 6.30-8am and dosent feed during the night.She has 2 big naps in the day aswell xx
  • Paul is almost 15 months and goes between 6:30 and 7:30 most nights. try my best to get him in bed at 6:30 as on the days when I go to work he has to be up at 7 at the latest and normally have to wake him so feel bad if he hasn't had 11 or 12 hours. He mostly sleeps through (although due to his muscle probs he can need some help to turn back onto his tummy in the night) and he still has at least one sleep during the day (2 hours)
  • Were the same as some of the others, quite relaxed! Hubby is home around 6.15 and its important to both of us they get to see each other.... so her bedtime is somewhere btwn 8-9.30 depending on how the evening goes and how she is. She has a feed, bath and then into bed (sheets warmed with hot water bottle else she won't sleep).

    She sleeps till we go to bed around midnight when I wake her and then she sleeps to 5ish

    I think once she becomes more active and is burning up energy running round then her bedtime will probably become earlier but for now as long as a routine is in place the time when she does go to bed will sort itself out
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